The Hussards de la Mort or Death Hussars were a French light cavalry company formed during the French Revolution.

Hussards de la Mort
  • June 12, 1792
  • April 25, 1793
Country France
AllegianceFrench Revolutionary Army
BranchArmy of the North
SizeCompany, 200
Motto(s)Vaincre ou mourir, La liberté ou la mort, and Vivre libre ou mourir - Victory or death, Freedom or death, Live free or die
Black  Black
Mascot(s)Skull and crossbones
EngagementsFrench Revolutionary Wars

History edit

A Death Hussar (to the left) in a painting representing the Battle of Fleurus.

On June 12, 1792 a squadron was created by the French Assembly formed from 200 volunteers. In July, Kellermann organizes the company naming Hussards de la Mort - Death Hussars. These volunteers, coming from mostly wealthy families, were provided with horses from the King's stables.[1][2]

On March 5, 1793 survivors of the squadron were merged into the 14th Cavalry Regiment by decree from the National Convention.

On April 25, 1793 the squadron was dissolved.

Uniform edit

The symbol of a skull and crossbones was placed on the mirliton, the sabretache and the shoulder sleeve. The uniform was inspired by the insignia of the Prussian hussars. Even after merging with the 14th Cavalry Regiment, they kept their uniform.

Mottos edit

Vaincre ou mourir, La liberté ou la mort ou Vivre libre ou mourir - Victory or death, Freedom or death, Live free or die

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Sources edit

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