Hurepoix is an area of the Île-de-France, to the southwest of Paris, situated between the departments of Yvelines, Hauts-de-Seine and Essonne. It was an old province of the French Kingdom and the main city was Dourdan.


This area is one of the biggest of the Île-de-France.

Limits :

Main cities

Main rivers

Main forest

Main Castles

This area is not far from Versailles, and the castle of Louis XIV. In this period, Princes and Dukes built castles not far, in Hurepoix.

  • Chamarande
  • Breteuil
  • Courson
  • Dampierre
  • Dourdan
  • Sceaux
  • Saint Jean de Beauregard


The economy of the west part of the area consists of farming, as in the past. The economy of the eastern part is more industrial.

Coordinates: 48°33′N 2°01′E / 48.55°N 2.02°E / 48.55; 2.02