Hundred of Cameron

The Hundred of Cameron is a cadastral unit of hundred located in the Mid North of South Australia centred on Lake Bumbunga. The northern Hummock Range occupies much of the western half of the area and the Adelaide-Port Augusta railway line runs near and parallel to the eastern boundary.[1] It is one of the 16 hundreds of the County of Daly.[2] It was named in 1869 by Governor James Fergusson for early pioneer Hugh Cameron.[1]

South Australia
Lake Bumbunga salt lake at Lochiel, South Australia in 2010.jpg
Lake Bumbunga, Lochiel at the centre of the hundred
Cameron is located in South Australia
Coordinates33°53′S 138°10′E / 33.89°S 138.17°E / -33.89; 138.17Coordinates: 33°53′S 138°10′E / 33.89°S 138.17°E / -33.89; 138.17
Established18 February 1869
Area306 km2 (118.1 sq mi)
RegionMid North
Lands administrative divisions around Cameron:
Wiltunga Barunga Boucaut
Ninnes Cameron Everard
Kulpara Goyder Stow
Plan of the Hundred of Cameron in 1964

The town of Lochiel, most of the locality of Bumbunga and the southern half of the locality of Barunga Gap are situated inside the bounds of the hundred.

Local governmentEdit

In 1888 the Hundred of Cameron was annexed to the District Council of Port Wakefield as part of the District Councils Act 1887.[3] On 6 February 1890, following much vibrant discussion by ratepayers as to the pros and cons, the hundred was formally severed from the council of Port Wakefield and annexed to the District Council of Snowtown[4] as the new Cameron ward.

In 1987 it retained its status as a ward in the consolidated District Council of Blyth-Snowtown before being reunited, for the purposes of local governance, with Port Wakefield following the amalgamation of Blyth-Snowtown and Wakefield Plains council into the new Wakefield Regional Council in 1997. Since then the hundred has been a part of the much larger North ward of the Wakefield council.

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