Hua Chenyu

Hua Chenyu (born February 7, 1990) is a Chinese singer and songwriter who is known for his powerful vocals, wide vocal range, dramatic stage performances and skill in composing. He is one of the most influential singer-songwriters in China. He has gained widespread recognition for his ability to adapt and rearrange songs after participating in Singer 2018.

Hua Chenyu
华晨宇苏州星悦荟 无水印高清精修第一波 4.jpg
Hua Chenyu in 2017
Born (1990-02-07) February 7, 1990 (age 31)
Shiyan, Hubei, China
Other namesHua Hua (花花)[1]
Alma materWuhan Conservatory of Music
Musical career
  • Vocals
  • Piano
Years active2013–present
WebsiteOfficial weibo
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese华晨宇
Traditional Chinese華晨宇

Hua became famous after winning the 2013 Super Boy singing contest, which was produced by Hunan TV in China. He released his debut album Quasimodo's Gift in September 18, 2014, which peaked at number one on the Jingdong Top 100 Annual Sales Chart (Music). His first headline concert, "Mars Concert", was held in Beijing on September 6, 2014, before his debut album was released. Over 10,000 tickets were sold out within two minutes, breaking several records and making him the first mainland Chinese singer of his generation to hold concerts in a large arena.[2] Another concert on September 7 was then announced and sold out.

Since then, Hua has toured his "Mars" Concerts to cities in China every year. His second physical album Aliens was released in December 2015. At a "Mars" concert in 2016, he became the first Chinese singer with the first generation to hold a four-sided concert. On March 7, 2017, he released his third album H, which refers to his family name initial. On September 8 and 9, 2018, he performed in the Beijing National Stadium in front of 90,000 people each day, becoming the only mainland Chinese singer to perform in this venue successively. His single "I really want to love this world" went on sale digitally on December 4, 2019, selling more than seven million copies and a revenue of over ¥63 millions (US$9.3 million) within six months. His fourth album "New World" went on sale in April 2020. It was sold digitally and as USB and CD; sales of the digital album reached 1.65 million, exceeding ¥33 million (around US$4.8 million) by early August 2020.

Early lifeEdit

Hua Chenyu was born to a wealthy family on February 7, 1990, in the city Shiyan, Hubei. His parents divorced when he was two years old and during his childhood he lived with his father, who remarried when he was ten years old. He began playing the flute at the age of five and took piano lessons in the fifth grade. He wrote his first song at the age of twelve after mastering piano.[citation needed]

After finishing middle school, Hua moved to Wuhan alone to attend the Fine Arts High School there. In 2010, he passed the college entrance examination and entered the Wuhan Conservatory of Music, where he studied pop music vocal performance and became the vocalist of a college rock band called Conseer.[3]


Super BoyEdit

In 2013, shortly before graduating from conservatory, Hua entered the casting for the television talent contest Super Boy, which was produced by Hunan TV. On his first appearance to the audience, he sang his original "Lyricless Song" that gave him the label of being like a "Martian" for his unique expression. Two of the three judges considered him to be odd or crazy, but after the third judge Laure Shang asked him a few questions and sang a lyricless duet with him, she said "he is a genius!" because "he knew intuitively how to express emotions through music". Due to the recommendation of Laure Shang and his performance of "The Kill", Hua made it past the first round of audition.[4] He later sang with Laure Shang the song "The Star" in the final round on September 27, 2013. Chenyu Hua won the 2013 "Super Boy" contest.[5]

After the competition, Hua was signed to the Chinese record labels EE-Media, where the most of the Super Boy and Super Girl contestants are linked. His debut single "Me and Myself" was released in September 2013. Hua also took part in the Super Boy Tour with other contestants, in which they toured eleven major Chinese cities.

2013–2014: First Mars Concert and debut album Quasimodo's GiftEdit

Chenyu Hua went to Italy and Spain to film for the TVN reality show "Divas Hit the Road" in April 2014 and the show was broadcast from April 25.[21] The first episode received the highest viewership in its broadcast time slot. In June, he was invited by the popular Korean eyewear brand ALO as the first Chinese brand ambassador and went to Korea for the advertising photography.[22]

In less than a year since Hua's debut, he announced his first headlining concert, Mars Concert, in May 2014. On June 28, 2014, over 10,000 concert tickets for his first show on September 6 were sold out in 92 seconds. Due to the massive response, the organizers announced an extra show on September 7.[23] The press conference of the Mars Concert 2014 was held at the Wukesong Arena. This made him the first in the Chinese music industry to hold press conference in a venue with capacity over a thousand.[2][24] The September 6 concert was broadcast live through QQ Music and Hunantv, attracting more than 400,000 online viewers.[25] Over 120,000 E-tickets were sold.

On the same day of his concert (September 6), the international jewelry brand Pomellato announced Chenyu Hua as the brand ambassador for some of its products.[26] Hua released his first solo album Quasimodo's Gift on September 19, 2014, both in China and overseas. This atypical album has genres including rock, indie and folk. Quasimodo's Gift does not feature songs about love and relationships but uses a first-person perspective to describe the world as Hua sees it. Hua composed three of the ten songs on this album, including the title song "Quasimodo's Gift". A sense of loneliness but not sorrow fills up the whole album.[27] According to Hua, the album's main theme theme is "small": "At first I wanted to name it Size 40. 40 is my shoe size. I mean everyone doesn't need a vast space to live, as one only have a pair of feet of size 40, and just standing here is enough ... Because as long as you are standing here, you exist, and have a value of existence." – Hua Chenyu.[28]

On November 11, the short film Quasimodo's Gift was released, with Hua as the main character. His songs "Quasimodo's Gift" and "Ashes from the Fireworks" were included in the film, merging the music into the story. The music videos of the songs were cut from this short film. The overseas version of this album ranked number one on the Taiwan Five Music Chart for several weeks. This album received several awards, including ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards for Best Album,[29] Top Chinese Music Awards for 2014 Most Popular Album, Best Album Performance, and Best Album Production,[30] Chinese Music Radio Awards for Best Composition, and Golden Song for the track "Let You Go".[31] This album reached number one on Jingdong's 2014 music sale chart.

In November, he was invited to appear on "Say Hi! The Hit of China", the online variety show of Tencent (Hi歌). In the program, Hua chose to rearrange the song "Spring" and won the "Annual Hit Song of China" (年度Hi歌). On December 24, he sang "Shimmer" and "Quasimodo's Gift" with rearranged piano composition at pianist Langlang's Beijing concert.[32]

2015: Second Album Aliens and Mars ConcertEdit

On January 1, 2015, Chenyu Hua for the first time joined and performed in the Liaoning TV New Year Gala.[citation needed] On January 10, "Shimmer" was announced as the interlude song of the Chinese television drama "You Are My Sunshine" (何以笙箫默).[citation needed] On February 8 (Los Angeles Time), Chenyu Hua was invited by Billboard as a VIP spectator to the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.[33] On February 17, he performed in the Liaoning TV Chinese New Year Gala.On April 27, Hua released his vocal experimental song "Cancer".[citation needed] On the Forbes China Celebrity 100 announced on May 11, his song charted for the first time with the integrated ranking of 91.[34]

In early May, Hua's Mars Concert was announced to hold on August 1 in Shanghai. Almost 10,000 tickets were sold out within 35 seconds while over 160,000 people were online.[35] This once again broke the online ticketing record in the Mainland. Due to the heated response, his company announced two extra shows at the same venue, on July 31 and August 2 respectively. It made him the first Mainland singer to hold concert for three consecutive nights in the same venue.[36] His concert on August 1 was broadcast online through Tencent and HunanTV (芒果TV). The Tencent online audience reached 2.64 million.[37] This also renewed the record for online concert real-time broadcast.

On October 28, his second album "Aliens" started pre-ordering on Jingdong. The limited 30,000 release almost sold out within a day.[38] On November 7, his first digital album also started pre-ordering. Within eight minutes, over 100,000 units were sold. The album sold 350,000 copied on the first day of release.[39] On December 18, "Aliens" was released on overseas music platforms including iTunes and the overseas version of "Aliens" was also released on December 22. The promotional video of "Aliens" was aired on the LED screen at New York's Times Square for a week starting from December 23.[40] Hua composed 7 of the 11 songs; for this album, he wanted to present himself as "big" and "domineering", in contrast to his first album.[41] This was also the first time he included rap songs in his album.[citation needed]

Aliens won many awards, including ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards for Best Concept Album, Best Vocal Collaboration for Kings and Paupers,[42] Top Chinese Music Awards for Best Album Performance,[43] 2016 Ali Music Annual Awards for Best Pop Album, Most Popular Album, and Most Popular song for Mayfly.[44]

On November 13, Chenyu Hua joined the television show Be the Idol (唱游天下) which was produced by Jiangsu TV.[45] On December 31, Hua appeared in his third-consecutive Hunan TV New Year Countdown Concert .[citation needed]

2016: The NextEdit

Hua Chenyu performing at Mars Concert

On January 8, Hua performed in "Langlang's Sky – Langlang and His Friends Spring Music Festival".[46] The show was broadcast by Liaoning TV on February 1.[citation needed] On February 8, he performed "For My Future Child" on Beijing TV Chinese New Year Gala. On March 4, Chenyu Hua appeared as a guest on the variety show "Ace to Ace" (王牌对王牌) on ZhejiangTV. His arrangement of the song "Boluo Boluo Mi" originally by Xie Na (菠萝菠萝蜜) gained widespread attention and positive comments.[47]

On March 7, the interlude song "The Rampage", which appears in the movie Who Sleeps My Bro, was released.[48] On April 7, he released the song "Mars Intelligence Agency", which is the theme song for the online talk show with the same title.[49] On April 9, he participated in the 16th Annual Festival of Top Chinese Music as ambassador and received two awards: Annual Best Album Performance for his album Aliens and Annual Best Idol.[50]

On July 8, Chenyu Hua's newly released song "Here We Are" was announced as the theme song for the movie Line Walker (使徒行者). Another self-composed song "To Be Free" was released on August 3 and it is the promotional song for the movie The Warriors Gate.[51] On August 16, Chenyu Hua released his second English song "For Forever", which was specially created for the Mars Concert.

This year, Hua held concerts in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The Beijing Concert was held on July 2 in the Wukesong Culture & Sports Center.[52] Shanghai concerts were held on August 21 in the Mercedes-Benz Arena.[53] The final 2016 Mars Concert took place in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center with Khalil Fong as the special guest. The live online broadcast of the Shanghai and Shenzhen concerts, supported by LeEco, attracted over 4.3 million viewers.[54][55]

From October 2016 to January 2017, Hua participated as a celebrity mentor and judge in the first season of 天籁之战 (The Next) alongside Karen Mok, Fei Yu-Ching and Yang Kun.[56] In this program, aspiring singers have the opportunity to challenge a celebrity mentor, who is assigned a song by the challenger and has 24 hours to prepare for the performance. Hua gained widespread recognition for his rearrangement and performance, especially after his own arrangement of 我的滑板鞋 (My Skateboard Shoes), entitled 我的滑板鞋 2016, which was later released on his album H.[57] He won a majority of audience votes with performances of 流浪记 (Wandering), 故乡的云 (Clouds of Hometown), Dear Friend, 齐天大圣 (Great Sage Equal to Heaven, translation may vary) and 易燃易爆炸 (Flammable and Explosive). Hua and contestant Juno Su performed 南屏晚钟 (Naping Evening Bells) in the semi-finals and 如果爱 (Perhaps Love) in the finals.[citation needed]

2017: Studying Abroad, TV Shows, Mars ConcertEdit

After filming The Next, Hua went to study in Berklee College of Music until end of March. He learned singing and rapping skills but found many of the techniques are more suited to English songs than Chinese ones. He also learned how Pentatonic scale is used in Western music (as it was also widely used in traditional Chinese music), and he would incorporate it in his own songs, such as his arrangement of "Drinking Alone").[58] On June 3, Hua joined television travel show Flowers on Trip (旅途的花样) along with Lin Chi-ling, Zhang Xinyi, Aarif Rahman and others.[citation needed] They traveled to Morocco, Russia, Norway and Denmark, following the "One Belt, One Road" approach.[citation needed]

Chenyu Hua was a judge on Tencent's new singing competition show The Coming One (明日之子), where his support for contestant Hez, a humanoid persona created using augmented reality and singing voice synthesizer technologies, sparked controversy on Chinese social media. The first episode of the show started live-streaming on June 10.[59] On July 13, Hua was announced brand as ambassador of Estee Lauder China.[60] On September 27, the makers of mobile MMO game Kings of Glory (王者荣耀) released its theme song for the in-game character Luban by Hua Chenyu.[61]

The 2017 Mars Concert was held on October 13 and 14 in Beijing. Only one of the concert dates was broadcast live online and it gathered more than four million live viewers.[59][62] From October 2017 to January 2018, Hua continued his role as a celebrity mentor and judge in the second season of The Next alongside Karen Mok, Fei Yu-Ching, Yang Kun and Jason Zhang.[63]

2018: The Singer, "Bird Nest" Mars ConcertEdit

In February 2018, Hua joined Singer 2018 (歌手2018) alongside acts including Jessie J, Wang Feng, Tengger, Angela Chang, KZ Tandingan after turning down the show for three years.[64] During the show, he won first place in four episodes and his average percentage of votes ranked second among all the previous contestants in the six seasons of Singer.[65][66] In the final episode, Hua's performance of "Light Years Away"《光年之外》with G.E.M 邓紫棋 brought him to Top Four together with Jessie J, Wang Feng and Tengger. His final performance of Angela Chang's song "Shout"《呐喊》 earned him second place, after Jessie J.[67] Chenyu Hua's performance of his self-written song "Heaven's Equal (齐天)" won Most Popular Song of the show.

That year, Hua composed the track "Halftime (we met here)" for Karen Mok,[68] In May–September 2018, he participated on Tencent's television show "The Coming One 2" (明日之子 2)[69] along with Chris Lee(李宇春), Wu Tsing Fong (吳青峰) and Yang Mi (杨幂) as the mentor for vocal track (魔音赛道). On September 8 and 9, 2018, Chenyu Hua had his 2018 Mars Concert in Beijing National Stadium on his fifth year anniversary since debuting. The tickets were once again sold out within one minute, making him the first post-1990s singer in mainland China to hold a concert in the stadium with 90,000 audiences.[citation needed] On December 12, Hua won Musician of the Year at Harper's Bazaar 2018 Men of the Year awards[70] and Most Searched Across Asia at 2018 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards.[71]

2019: Variety shows, 5 new songs for the 4th album, 2019 Mars ConcertEdit

On January 1, 2019, "Hua Chenyu Studio Official" posted its first weibo announcing the launch of Hua's own studio, which is still under EE-Media but operates independently.[72]

On January 5, it was announced Hua Chenyu would take part in ZheJiang TV's variety show "Ace to Ace S4" (王牌对王牌 第四季).[citation needed] On January 13, Hua collaborated with artist and choreographer Shen Wei to perform a show, 声希 (Folding), in Yin 2019 Nanjing Pop-Music Concert (烎2019南京潮音發布夜).[citation needed] On May 21, he announced the 2019 Mars Concert would be held on November 2 in Shenzhen Baoan Stadium. On August 20, he was ranked 33th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 in 2019. On October 22, owing to unavoidable issues, the concerts originally scheduled in Shenzhen were canceled but he also announced he would try hard to arrange the other available stadium and schedule for 2019 Mars Concert as soon as possible.[citation needed]

On October 27, Hua Chenyu announced that 2019 Mars Concert was rescheduled to November 15–17 days at Haikou Wuyuanhe stadium in Hainan. On October 28, "Conversation with ET", which was co-written by Hua Chenyu and ET, was published on NetEase Cloud Music.[citation needed] On November 11, the music video of "Conversation with ET" was published.[citation needed] During the concerts, he performed five new songs composed by himself.[citation needed] On December 4, "I want to love this world" composed by Hua Chenyu, was exclusively published on NetEase Cloud Music. He wrote the song for people who are depressed.[citation needed]

2020: The 4th Album "New World", Returning to SingerEdit

On January 1, 2020, Hua Chenyu was the first performer on the concert of HunanTV "2019–2020 New Year's Eve" His airtime saw the TV ratings for HunanTV got to 2.7% while the market share of it has reached up to 30.85%.[citation needed]

On January 3, 2020, he was announced as one of the four returning singers from the fourth to sixth season to participate in Singer 2020: Year of the Hits (歌手·当打之年), the final season in the series.[73][74] Hua performed mostly self-composed songs, including Seven Personality, a progressive rock he composed, and won the competition on the live finale aired April 24, making Hua the only returning singer to win I Am a Singer.[75][76]

On May 3, the music video of "Bull Fight", which took six months to finish, was released. Hua collaborated with the Japanese director Mitsunori Yokobori and his team to create this video, which combined the special effects of CG and animation.[citation needed] Hua Chenyu released his fourth album "New World" in April 2020.[citation needed] The physical album was launched as USB format (Mars Deluxe Collection USB Edition) in mainland China.[citation needed] It was also launched on CD format. Although a free version of his live performances on Singer 2020 was already available, sales of the digital album exceeded 1.65 million and garnered ¥33 million (around $4.8 million) by early August 2020. Combined with the previous sales made by his single "I'm Here" released digitally, the total sales exceeded ¥98.6 million.[citation needed] In 2020, He ranked 17th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.[77]

Personal lifeEdit

On January 22, 2021, Chinese singer Zhang Bichen announced on her social media account that she had given birth to a girl in 2019, whose father is Hua Chenyu.[78] Zhang and Hua were dating when Zhang discovered that she was pregnant in 2018.[78] She did not tell Hua about the pregnancy as both did not have long-term plans to either marry or have kids.[78] Due to Zhang wanting to avoid the news from being made known to Hua at the time, she avoided him and gradually both broke up.[79] Hua acknowledged her announcement, and both parties stated they raise the child together and participate in the child's growth process together without a marital relationship.[80][81]



Album Information Track listing
1st 卡西莫多的礼物 (Quasimodo's gift)
  • Released: September 18, 2014
  • Debut Album
  • Label: EE-Media
Track listing
  1. Why Nobody Fights
  2. Shimmer (微光)
  3. Let You Go
  4. Ashes From Fireworks (烟火里的尘埃)
  5. Bomb Squad (拆弹专家)
  6. Quasimodo's Gift (卡西莫多的礼物)
  7. All Lonely (我们都是孤独的)
  8. Eternity (不朽)
  9. Traveling (环游)
  10. Bedtime Story (枕边故事)
2nd 异类 (Aliens)
  • Released: December 18, 2015
  • Second Album
  • Label:EE-Media
Track listing
  1. I Don't Care (我管你)
  2. Kings and Paupers feat. Aska Yang (国王与乞丐 feat.杨宗纬)
  3. The Mayfly (蜉蝣)
  4. The Antonym (反义词)
  5. Aliens (异类)
  6. The Escape from Utopia (逃离乌托邦)
  7. The World Is A Zoo (世界是个动物园)
  8. The Mask (变相怪杰)
  9. For My Future Child (写给未来的孩子)
  10. The Salt of The Earth (地球之盐)
  11. The Giant in Sorrow (忧伤的巨人)
3rd H (H)[citation needed]
  • Released: March 7, 2017
  • Third Album
  • Label: EE-Media
Track listing
  1. Here We Are
  2. The Giant Deer (巨鹿)
  3. To Be Free
  4. For Forever
  5. Gone with the Loneliness (我离孤单几公里)
  6. Lost of Yesterday(消失的昨天)
  7. The Creator (造物者)
  8. My Skate Shoes 2016 (我的滑板鞋2016)
4th 新世界 NEW WORLD
  • Released: April 8, 2020
  • Fourth Album
  • Label:EE-Media
Track listing

Side A

  1. Bullfight (斗牛)
  2. I'm Here (好想爱这个世界啊)
  3. Madhouse (疯人院)
  4. Conversations with ET (与火星的孩子对话)
  5. Split (七重人格)
  6. God Tree / Sacred Tree (神树)
  7. Arrival (降临)
  8. New World (新世界)

Side B

  1. Walk As Long As You Can (尋)
  2. I’m Boring (無聊人)
  3. Wu Kong (齊天)
  4. IQ Two Hundred and Fifty (智商二五零)
  5. Jackdaw Youth (寒鴉少年)
  6. Candle (蠟燭)

Side C

  1. Conversations with ET MV
  2. Bullfight MV
  3. 2018 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert Documentary


Year Title Notes
2013 我和我 (Me and Myself) Released in the album of 2013 SuperBoy's Collection[82][unreliable source?]
2013 趁你还年轻 (While You are Still Young) Promotional song of the movie Up in the Wind (Chinese: 等风来)[83][unreliable source?]
2014 春 (Spring) First performed in the musical reality show "Hi 歌" (Season 1, episode 4)[84][unreliable source?]
2014 癌 (Cancer) First performed in Tomorrow's Party, a contemporary art exhibition in Beijing[85][unreliable source?]
2015 高手归来 (The Return of the Master) Theme song (Chinese version) of the movie The Con Artists[86][unreliable source?]
2016 横冲直撞 (The Rampage) "Who Sleeps My Bro"[87] Soundtrack[88][unreliable source?]
2016 火星情报局 (Mars Intelligence Agency) Theme song of Youku's online variety show Mars Intelligence Agency(火星情报局)[89][unreliable source?]
2016 穿心 (Through the heart) Theme Song of the TV Drama "Love Through a Millennium 2"(相爱穿梭千年2)[90][unreliable source?]
2017 寻 (Walk as long as you can) Theme Song of the TV Show Divas Hit the Road Season 3 (花儿与少年第三季)[91][unreliable source?][92][unreliable source?]
2017 齐天 (WU KONG) Theme song of the movie Wu Kong (悟空传)[93][unreliable source?]
2017 无聊人 (I'm Boring)[94][unreliable source?]
2017 智商二五零 (IQ250) Character song of Master Luban in King of Glory (Tencent Game)[95][unreliable source?]
2017 蜡烛 (Candle) Demo version[96][unreliable source?]
2018 嗨夏(Hi Summer) Advertising Song for Liushen, for which Hua is the Brand Ambassador[97]
2018 寒鸦少年 (JACKDAWS BOY) Theme song of TV series Fights Break Sphere



First time revealed on 2018 Mars Concert.
2019 声希 (Folding) A dance performance with lyricsless song revealed in "烎2019南京潮音發布夜". Hua Chenyu collaborated with the artist, Shen Wei.
2019 好想爱这个世界啊 (I Really Want To Love This World)


与火星的孩子对话 (Conversations with ET)



First time revealed on 2019 Mars Concert.
2020 你要相信这不是最后一天 (You Have To Believe This Is Not The Last Day) This song is first time revealed on the TV show Singer 2020. Hua wrote this song to encourage those people who have suffered from COVID-19.

Tours and concertsEdit

Year Date Venue Concert
2014 Sep 6
Sep 7
Beijing Mastercard Center 2014 Mars Concert[2]
2015 Jul 31
Aug 1
Aug 2
Shanghai Indoor Stadium (Shanghai Grand Stage) 2015 Mars Concert[36]
2016 Jul 2 Beijing LeSports Center 2016 Mars Concert Tour[53][52]
2016 Aug 21 Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena 2016 Mars Concert Tour[53]
2016 Sep 6 Shenzhen Bay Sports Center 2016 Mars Concert Tour[55][54]
2017 Oct 13
Oct 14
Beijing Cadillac Arena 2017 Mars Concert[62]
2018 Sep 8
Sep 9
Beijing Bird Nest National Stadium 2018 Mars Concert[citation needed]
2019 Nov 15
Nov 16
Nov 17
Haikou Wuyuanhe Stadium 2019 Mars Concert



Year Title Role Director Notes
2013 我就是我 I Am Here[98][unreliable source?] Himself Lixin Fan (范立欣) Documentary Film of 2013 Super Boy[99][unreliable source?]
2014 卡西莫多的礼物 Quasimodo's Gift Quasimodo


Zoe Peng[citation needed] Musical Micro Film[100][unreliable source?]

Television showsEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2021 王牌对王牌 6 Ace vs Ace Season 6 Himself, Emcee S5
2020 王牌对王牌 5 Ace vs Ace Season 5 Himself, Emcee S5
2020 歌手2020 Singer 2020 Himself, Contestant, Winner S8
2019 明日之子3 The Coming One 3[101] Himself, Mentor S3
2019 王牌对王牌 4 Ace vs Ace Season 4 Himself, Emcee S4
2018 明日之子 The Coming One 2[citation needed] Himself, Mentor S2
2018 Come Sing with Me Himself E8
2018 歌手2018 Singer 2018[102] Himself, Contestant, Runner-up S6 since EP4
2017 明日之子 The Coming One[citation needed] Himself, Mentor S1
2017 旅途的花样 Flowers on Trip Himself, Group S3
2016 Fresh Sunday Himself, Player E3
2016 Come Sing with Me Himself E6
2016–2017` 天籁之战 The Next[103][56] Himself, Judge S1-2
2016 See your voice Himself, Player E8
2016 You look so yummy Himself, Player En
2015 我是谁 Who Am I Himself S1
2015 唱游天下 Be The Idol[45] Himself, Group S1
2015 Let's Sing with Kids Himself, Player S3
2015 粉丝制造 The Making of a Superstar: Hua Chenyu's Working Diary Himself S3
2015 你正常吗第 Are you normal Himself, Player S2
2014 HI歌 Hi song Himself, Winner E4
2014 天天向上 Day Day Up Himself, Player Sn
2014 快乐大本营 Happy Camp Himself, Group En
2014 花儿与少年 Divas Hit the Road[21] Himself, Group S1
2014 快乐大本营 Happy Camp Himself En
2013 快乐大本营 Happy Camp Himself, SuperBoy En
2013 快乐男声 SuperBoy 2013 Himself, Contestant, Winner S3


  • 6th Top Chinese Music Chart Break-Through New Artist Award – "Most Popular Male Singer" (2013)[104]
  • 2013 Weibo Awards Ceremony – "Stars of the Year"[105]
  • 21st ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards – "Best New Singer" (2014)[106]
  • 15th Chinese Music Media Award – "Most Notable Male Singer"(2014)[citation needed]
  • 2014 Weibo Awards Ceremony – "Spotlight of the Year"[107]
  • 22nd ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards – "Best Album Performance", "Most Popular Album", "Best Album Production", "People's Choice – Male Singer" (2015)[29]
  • 15th Top Chinese Music Awards – "Most Popular Male Singer (Mainland)", "Best Album (Mainland) – Quasimodo's Gift" (2015)[30]
  • Chinese Music Radio Awards – "Most Popular New Artist", "Golden Songs – Let You Go", "Best Composer – Quasimodo's Gift" (2015)[31]
  • 2015 Weibo Awards Ceremony – "Most Popular Male Musician", "Freshasia Music 2015 Most Wins"[citation needed]
  • 2016 Ali Music Annual Awards – "Most Popular Artist of the Year, "Most Popular Album of the Year – Aliens", "Most Popular Song of the Year – Mayfly", "Pop Album of the Year (Mandarin) – Aliens"[44]
  • 23nd ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards – "Best Concept Album", "Best Vocal Collaboration – Kings and Paupers", "Media Recommendation", "People's Choice – Male Singer" (2016)[42]
  • 2016 Ku Music Asian Music Awards – "Album of the Year", "Most Influential Singer of the Year"[108]
  • 16th Top Chinese Music Awards – "Best Album – Aliens" (2016)[43]
  • 2016 LeEco Night Awards – "Most Popular Singer"[109]
  • 2016 Freshasia Music Awards – "Best Male Singer"[110]
  • 18th Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) – "Best Asian Artist – China" (2016)[111]
  • 2016 Netease Attitude Awards – "Musician with Attitude"[112]
  • 24th ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards – "Best Adapted Song – My Skateboard Shoes 2016"[113]
  • 2017 Tencent Video Cstar Awards – "VIP's Choice – Best Singer"[114]
  • 2018 iQiyi All-Star Carnival – "Best Male Singer"[115]
  • 2018 Harper's BAZAAR 2018 Men of the Year awards – Musician of the Year[70]
  • 2018 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards – Most Searched Across Asia[71]


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