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A housing development is a structured real estate development of residential buildings. Popular throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, they are often areas of high-density, low-impact residences of single-family detached homes, and often allow for separate ownership of each housing unit, for example through subdivision. A housing development is "often erected on a tract of land by one builder and controlled by one management."[1]

There are several different housing types. All of which housing developers can choose to develop. They can range from Single Detached, Duplex, Triplex, Multiplex/Big House, Side Attached, Stacked Rowhouse, Small Apartment, Low-rise Apartment, Mid-rise Apartment, Apartment over Commercial, High-Rise Apartment.[2] Each of the different housing types will have their distinctive characteristics, density ranges, number of units, and floors.[2]


Housing TypesEdit

Single DetachedEdit

This type of housing will be detached from other housing types. This type of unit houses lower densities. Lawns are an option for this kind of design, with distinctive public and private spaces. A single detached can have up to three floors. Some of the common names for a singled detached housing type is "House, Cottage, Villa, Bungalow"[2]

Duplex, TriplexEdit

This type of housing can have two or three dwelling units in a detached building. The units could be together or separate depending on the location of the duplex. A duplex will also have an option for a yard in order to keep their private space. This type of housing will allow for higher density housing compared to the single detached units. Duplex, and Triplex can account for 2-3 units, and have up to 3 floors. Some of the common names for Duplex, Triplex are "Semi-detached, Double House, Accessory unity, Ancillary unit, Carriage unit, Twin Home." [2]

Big house, MultiplexEdit

Big house, Multiplex can come in many forms, it can have a single or muli-level unit. Just like the duplex, it can have multiple floors, up to 3 floors. It can account for up to 5 units as well. This type of housing will have a higher density than single detached housing. Some of the common names for the big house, multiplex are Quadruplex, Mansion townhomes, back to back semi-detached, Grand house [2]

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