Sídlisko is a term used in the Slovak language (Czech: sídliště) and it mainly means housing estate. Other meanings associated with this term are housing project, housing development and such. In these housing projects, apartment buildings are built all over, and most of them are known as paneláks. Most paneláks were built during the communist era in the former Czechoslovakia, and most of them were built as grey apartment blocks. Such buildings remain in these housing projects and most of them are being gentrified and painted happy colors as of today. These housing projects can be found in urban areas, as well as in suburban areas. These housing projects were built to provide fast and affordable housing. These housing projects are usually not considered to be crime-ridden areas or ghettos, expect for the Roma slums such as Luník IX. People living in these housing projects can either usually own their apartments or rent them, usually through a private landlord. Most of these housing projects are mixed in social classes.[1]

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