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Francis Longstreth Thompson, OBE (3 May 1890 – 19 March 1973) was a British town planner and writer.

He was born in Croydon, Surrey, and studied at University College, London, where he took a degree in engineering.[1] In 1917 he published The Town Plan and the House, co-authored with Ernest G. Allen, showing the connection between housing design and site development.[2] In 1923 he wrote Site Planning In Practice: an investigation of the principles of housing estate development, which laid down many of the principles adopted in identifying and developing suitable sites for housing.[3] He worked with Thomas Adams on plans for the development of West Middlesex, co-authoring with Adams The West Middlesex Final Report in 1925.[4] He set up his own town planning consultancy, and was President of the Town Planning Institute in 1932-33.[5]

He died at Walmer, Kent, in 1973, aged 82.[6] His son was the historian Francis Michael Longstreth Thompson.