Hood of Horror

Hood of Horror (a.k.a. Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror) is a horror film adaptation of a fictional comic book, which is an anthology of three short tales set in an urban milieu in a style reminiscent of Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Hood. It was the "secret" ninth film screened in the 8 Films to Die For film festival on November 19, 2006. It opened worldwide in theaters on May 4, 2007.

Hood of Horror
Hood of Horror 2007.jpg
Directed byStacy Title
Produced byJonathan McHugh
Martin Shore
Christopher Tuffin
Tim Sullivan
Ted Chung
Written byJacob Hair
Chris Kobin
Jonathan McHugh
Tim Sullivan
StarringSnoop Dogg
Ernie Hudson
Danny Trejo
Anson Mount
Daniella Alonso
Brande Roderick
Rodrick Leary
Pooch Hall
Diamond Dallas Page
Jason Alexander
Billy Dee Williams
Music bySnoop Dogg
CinematographyClaudio Rocha
Edited byLuis Colina
Jason Resmer
Distributed byXenon Pictures
Release date
  • June 27, 2006 (2006-06-27) (Los Angeles Film Festival)
  • November 4, 2006 (2006-11-04) (United States)
Running time
88 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$5 million[1]
Box office$25,900[1]



The animated introduction revolves around how a gangster named Devon (voiced by Snoop Dogg) who becomes a Hound of Hell, in which he agreed to sell his soul to a demon named Liore (voiced by Hawthorne James) to bring back his dead sister (whom he accidentally killed during a gang shootout). Liore grants his request, with Devon's previously devastated mother being reunited with her daughter after Devon takes his own life as payment. Devon is then resurrected as a Hound of Hell while given knowledge, strength, and the power to decide who goes to heaven or hell for an unspecified period of time. The animation is switched out showing Devon as a real person, as he narrates the stories.

Crossed OutEdit

the first story revolves around a female tagger named Posie (Daniella Alonso) who is given the power of death in the form of a tattoo on her arm by a mysterious Derelict (Danny Trejo), another Hound of Hell who captures her while she tries to escape from some gang members (Teyo Johnson, Noel Gugliemi and Jeffrey Licon) she insulted earlier for covering up her designs. Poise holds hatred for gang members since her father killed her mother (Andrea Lion) when she was a child. After discovering how the tattoo works when she uses it on the gang members earlier, any tag she "crosses out" causes the gruesome demise of the original tagger. She later suffers the ultimate price when she loses sight of her calling as an artist and starts to abuse her power killings everyone in neighborhood that left their graffiti mark everywhere. The Derelict tells her that she could have broken the cycle of murder and violence in her city, but instead she made it worse. He takes the power away and sics the zombies of the recently deceased gang members on her. They lodge a spray-paint can in her head and spray the wall with her blood into a beautiful mural. Derelict tells the viewers "Now that's life imitating art."

A service held by Pastor Charlie (Billy Dee Williams) is given for Posie and her beautiful flower mural, while Devon and Derelict watch on in human disguises.

The ScumlordEdit

A racist white couple, Tex Woods Jr. (Anson Mount) and Tiffany (Brande Roderick), are given the chance at inheritance when Tex's father Tex Woods Sr. (Chuck Hicks) dies "mysteriously" (in reality, he was rundown by his son who didn't want to get cut out of the will). But in order for them to receive the inheritance, they have to live with some black Vietnam vets (Ernie Hudson, Richard Gant, Tucker Smallwood and L. Kenneth Richardson) that served under Tex's father for a year.

Instead of learning tolerance and respect from the Vets, Tex and Tiffany just harass them and force them to work, demolishing their separate rooms to a master bedroom for Tex and Tiffany, starving them, and harassing their friend Wanda who has been helping in their time of need. When Wanda threatens to call the authorities for the mistreatment and unethical ways Tex has been doing to the Vets Tex and Tiffany kill her and hide her body in the freezer then later one of the vets dies finally urging them to seek revenge against Tex and Tiffany. Tiffany dies by stomach explosion from caviar forced feed to her from a tube Roscoe and the others setup and Tex Woods Jr.'s dies after his fake pleas to change anger Roscoe more letting him drop Tex down the stairs getting him impaled on his bullhorn headpiece for his car. The remaining housemates gain the inheritance of their friend Tex Woods Sr. and celebrate to his and their friends memory and the end of Tex Woods Jr.

Soon, Devon, who is now revealed to be the new landlord, greets them and congratulates them on their new wealth. However, it's short lived when Tiffany's pet chihuahua Pootie starts barking at Devon, who shoots it in anger, then he calmly says "No pets allowed."

Rapsody AskewEdit

A new rapper named SOD (Pooch Hall) is finally starting to gain recognition and fame.

During an awards show after party, he is confronted by Clara (Lin Shaye), a mysterious woman who seemingly stops time and is another Hound of Hell. She shows him videos from his up-and-coming days: from when he first met Quon (Aries Spears) (another up-coming MC) to Quon's last day when he was gunned down in a liquor store by a masked burglar. During that life, SOD promised God he would change and do better if he was given a chance and afterwords he meets Quon for the first time. Quon was always there acting as a big brother usually defending SOD when his ego got out of line. Quon was offered a solo career by a British Record Mogul (Jason Alexander) after SOD's behavior was out of control including having a rape charge for sex with a minor he let trick him into believing she was an adult, but Quon refused and stayed with SOD.

Clara tells SOD after breaking his promise to God and even after all he has done Quon stayed by his side through everything which is why his punishment for later would only get worse do to betraying Quon the night of the robbery.

When SOD denies having anything to do with his death to Clara, Quon enters the room upon Clara's eyes glowing like Devon and Derelict. Back from the dead as a zombie, Quon knows it was really SOD and SOD's manager Jersey (Diamond Dallas Page) who were behind his death revealing the elaborate plot of SOD wearing a bulletproof vest as well as Jersey being the gunman in order for SOD to finally be free of him and be gain all the fame to himself like he wanted. Quon then brutally kills Jersey and frames SOD, who is then gunned down by the police during a shootout with them where he dies in the elevator.


During all the stories, Devon tells the audience that each character had the potential to do good in life, but instead, chose to do evil for their own needs that resulted in each of their deaths. After each segment, he takes all the souls of the deceased characters to a mysterious elevator. First pulling Posie out of her mural, then dragging Tex Woods Jr. by the horn, which is embedded in his neck with his partner Half Pint dragging Tiffany afterwards. After claiming SOD who wakes up in the elevator, Devon takes SOD, Posie, Tex Wood Jr., and Tiffany and sends all of them straight to hell, where all of them are further tormented. Devon tells the viewers that what they saw is what he does. When Half-Pint tries to quit, Devon reminds him that he can't because they must do this for all eternity, so they make amends. Each deceased character is seen as Devon sings.


Intro and wraparounds:

Crossed Out:

The Scumlord:

Rhapsody Askew:

Soundtrack listingEdit

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(Not on CD) Tangled Thoughts - "I'm A Rebel"


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