The Hongqi L5 is a retro styled luxury car whose design was inspired by the discontinued Hongqi CA770.

Hongqi L5
Red Flag L5 Limousine (18423546376).jpg
Body and chassis
ClassFull-size luxury car (F)
Body style4-door sedan
LayoutLongitudinal front-engine, rear-wheel drive
RelatedHongqi HQE, Hongqi N501
  • 4.0 L V8 twin-turbo (petrol)[1] (CA7400)
  • 6.0 L CA12GV60-01 V12 (petrol)[2] (CA7600)
  • 6-speed TB-68 automatic (CA7600)
  • 8-speed automatic (CA7400)
Wheelbase3,435 mm (135.2 in)
Length5,555 mm (218.7 in)
Width2,018 mm (79.4 in)
Height1,578 mm (62.1 in)
Curb weight3,150 kg (6,940 lb)


Released in 2013 at the Shanghai Auto Show, the L5 is renowned for currently being the most expensive Chinese-made car ever available for purchase, at CN¥5 million Renminbi (US$800,000 UK£880,000).[3] It is the official state car of China, as it is used by the General Secretary of the Communist Party (Paramount leader) Xi Jinping.[4] The sedan is currently offered only in China.

The Hongqi L5 during a parade in Minsk in 2017.

The L5 has been exported to Belarus via donations, where it is pressed into service with the Belarusian military as a parade car, first being debuted at the 2015 Minsk Victory Day Parade.[5]

In 2016 Hongqi announced a V8 version of the L5, powered by a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 producing 381 horsepower with an eight-speed automatic. The V12 model is designated as CA7600 and the V8 version as CA7400. The CA7400 was released in 2017.


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