Hoher Göll

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The Hoher Göll is a 2,522 m (8,274 ft) mountain in the Berchtesgaden Alps, the highest peak of the Göll massif, which straddles the border between the German state of Bavaria and Salzburg, Austria.

Hoher Göll
The Göll massif from the west;
the Hoher Göll is the peak on the left
Highest point
Elevation2,522 m (8,274 ft)
Isolation11.4 kilometres (7.1 mi)
Coordinates47°35′39″N 13°4′1″E / 47.59417°N 13.06694°E / 47.59417; 13.06694Coordinates: 47°35′39″N 13°4′1″E / 47.59417°N 13.06694°E / 47.59417; 13.06694
Hoher Göll is located in Alps
Hoher Göll
Hoher Göll
Location in the Alps
LocationBavaria, Germany
Salzburg, Austria
Parent rangeBerchtesgaden Alps
First ascent4 September 1800 by Valentin Stanič


The Hoher Göll seen from the Mannlgrat ridge above the Kehlsteinhaus

Rising above Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden, the massif is situated between the Königssee and the Königsseer Ache in the west, opposite the Watzmann, and the Salzach Valley of the Tennengau region in the east. Neighbouring peaks include Hohes Brett, Jenner and the Kehlstein spur with the famous Kehlsteinhaus, linked with the Hoher Göll via the Mannlgrat ridge.


Hoher Göll summit (upper right)

The first documented ascent was made by the ordinand Valentin Stanič from Bodrež in Gorizia and Gradisca, who at that time studied theology at the nearby University of Salzburg and had also climbed the Watzmann peak.[1][2]

A wide variety of routes lead to its summit, ranging from UIAA Grade I on a Klettersteig up the Mannlgrat ridge[3] to UIAA Grade VIII up the West face.[4] The Kehlsteinhaus is located on the German side, at 1,834 m (6,034'). A trail leads from it to the Mannlgrat, the easiest route to the top.

Another popular round-trip ascent of the Hoher Göll is from the Purtschellerhaus mountain hut up to the summit and down to the Stahl-Haus.[5]


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