Hindi (disambiguation)

Hindi, or Modern Standard Hindi, is a standardised register of the Hindustani language that serves as one of the two official languages of India.

Hindustani proper (red). Dark grey are the other Indo-Aryan languages.
An intermediate scope: Central Indo-Aryan languages.
The broadest scope: the Hindi Belt.

Hindi may also have the following broader meanings:

  • In a slightly broader sense, Hindi is the Hindustani language, the lingua franca of northern India and Pakistan which has both Modern Standard Hindi and Urdu as its literary registers (see first map)
  • In an intermediate sense, Hindi refers to the Central Indo-Aryan languages, which include Hindustani along with Awadhi, Braj and others (see second map)
  • In the widest sense, Hindi covers the languages of the Hindi Belt, which in addition to the Central Indo-Aryan languages has variously been taken to also include varieties of Bihari, Rajasthani, and Pahari (see map at the end)

In other specific contexts, Hindi may also refer to:

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