Himbeergeist (lit "raspberry spirit") is a fruit-based Schnaps produced mainly in Germany and the Alsace region of France.

Himbeergeist made from wild raspberries in the Black Forest region of Germany

Rather than being distilled into liquor from a fermented mash of fresh fruit like a fruit brandy (Obstler in German), Himbeergeist is made as an infusion. Because raspberries' low sugar content can produce only a limited amount of alcohol, Himbeergeist is created by macerating fresh berries in 95.6% pure neutral spirits.[1][2] The mixture is then steeped for several weeks to draw out the raspberry essence, distilled, diluted with purified water, and bottled at 40% ABV or stronger.

Malynivka is a traditional Ukrainian sweet vodka with raspberries. Himbeergeist is its analogue (from Himbeere - raspberry). Malynivka has been made in Ukraine since ancient times. It was used not only as a delicious[opinion] alcoholic beverage, but also a remedy for colds. Malynivka is very popular, so there are many recipes. It is quite tasty when made from wild, forest raspberries[opinion].

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