Herman Hurmevaara

Herman Hurmevaara (Russian Герман Вильгельмович Хурмеваара, German Vilgelmovich Khurmevaara; 19 February 1886 – 16 February 1938) was a Finnish Social Democratic Party of Finland Member of Parliament. He was born in Kiuruvesi, and served in the Parliament of Finland from 1917 to 1919. In the 1920s, he lived in Sweden. In 1930, he was exiled from Sweden, and with his family he moved to the Soviet Union. During the Great Purge, Hurmevaara was arrested on charges of espionage and imprisoned on December 23, 1937. He was later sentenced to death and executed by firing squad in Petrozavodsk. After the death of Joseph Stalin, he was rehabilitated in 1956.

Herman Hurmevaara in the 1910s


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