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Herlev Church

Herlev is a suburb about 9 km northwest of Copenhagen city center. It is the site of the municipal council of Herlev Municipality, Denmark.



Herlev is the hometown of Vancouver Canuck Jannik Hansen.

Herlev is known for its hockey team - The Herlev Hornets.


Herlev Hospital is 120 m in height. It is famous for being Denmark's tallest building, and the fifth tallest hospital in the world. Its modern, functional architecture in bright concrete, glass and bronze-coloured aluminum gives a unique impression. Construction began in 1965 and the hospital was finished in 1975. It was opened in 1976.

Also, Herlev has several small, independent museums placed around the city.


Herlev station serves the central part of Herlev municipality. Local buses from the bus terminal outside the train station provide connections to remoter areas of the municipality.

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