Henry II of Niemodlin

Henry II of Niemodlin (Polish: Henryk II Niemodliński) (1374 – 22 December 1394) was a Duke of Strzelce and Niemodlin since 1382 until his death (with his brothers as co-rulers and only formally).

Henry II
Duke of Strzelce, Niemodlin
POL województwo opolskie COA.svg
Coat-of-arms of Upper Silesia
(Opole, Strzelce, Niemodlin, etc)
Died22 December 1394
Noble familySilesian Piasts of Opole
FatherBolko III of Strzelce
MotherAnna (of Oświęcim?)

He was the third son of Duke Bolko III of Strzelce by his wife Anna, probably daughter of Duke Jan I of Oświęcim.


There are little notices about Henry II's life. Since his early years, he was destined to the Church career and had to study at the University of Bologna. According to the chronicle of Jan Długosz, Henry II died during his return trip to Poland on 22 December 1394. He was buried in the Ducal vault of the Franciscan church in Opole.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Bolko III
Duke of Strzelce
with Bolko IV
and Bernard

Succeeded by
Bolko IV and
Preceded by
Duke of Niemodlin
with Bolko IV
and Bernard