Henchmen is a 2018 Canadian-American animated action comedy film directed by Adam Wood and co-written by Wood, David Ray, Bobby Henwood and Jay D. Waxman, based on Wood's own 2014 short film Henchmen: Ill Suited. The film stars Thomas Middleditch as a henchman-in-training, James Marsden as his mentor, Rosario Dawson as a (not so evil) scientist, and Alfred Molina as the super villain. Production began in May 2015 in British Columbia. Produced by Bron Studios, it was planned to be released in 2016,[2] but did not receive a limited release in Canada until December 7, 2018.[1][3]

Henchmen (film) poster.jpg
Early teaser poster, before Will Ferrell and team left the project
Directed byAdam Wood
Produced byAaron L. Gilbert
Luke Carroll
Written byAdam Wood
David Ray
Jay D. Waxman
Based onHenchmen: Ill Suited
by Adam Wood
StarringThomas Middleditch
James Marsden
Rosario Dawson
Alfred Molina
Music byToby Chu
Distributed byEntertainment One
Release date
  • December¬†7,¬†2018¬†(2018-12-07)
Box office$1,469[1]


A fallen henchman named Hank leads a team of Lester and two others, called the "Union of Evil", who must prevent Baron Blackout from dominating the world. The crew are assigned to the Vault of Villainy, where Lester accidentally steals the ultimate weapon.[4]



The project was first announced on August 13, 2014, when Adam Wood's short film Henchmen: Ill Suited was released, with Gary Sanchez Productions (owned by Adam McKay, Will Ferrell and Chris Henchy) attached to executive produce the film for Bron Studios.[5] Wood would direct the film, which he and Dennis McNicholas would co-write.[5] On May 29, 2015, the full voice cast was revealed, including James Marsden, Thomas Middleditch, Rosario Dawson, Alfred Molina, Nathan Fillion, Jane Krakowski, Rob Riggle, Craig Robinson and Will Sasso.[4] At that time, it was also confirmed that production on the film had begun at Bron Studios in Burnaby and Duncan, British Columbia,[4] and that Gary Sanchez Productions had left the project, replaced by Aaron L. Gilbert and Luke Carroll.[6]


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