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HELOG is a former helicopter airline company based in Germany which runs training courses in Africa.




According to the company's website, it is headquartered in the Bavarian town of Bad Reichenhall.[1]

Its chief project is an academy in Liberia which trains school-leavers to maintain and repair machinery. The academy is supported by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research.[2] Helog says it has also signed an agreement with aid agency Mercy Corps to train students how to install renewable energy systems in households.[3]

Donors include:


In its previous incarnation, Helog operated a range of aviation services, including:

  • Humanitarian aid, disaster relief, logistics and surveillance.[6]

Helog says that during more than 40 years of operation, it also gained experience in heavy lift and logging.[9]

In 2009, WikiLeaks released a United Nations audit from 2007 which detailed invoices submitted by Helog. The UN disagreed about the availability of helicopters in Sudan during a $29 million peacekeeping contract.[10]

In 2010, police in Freetown became involved when a Helog helicopter was thought to have landed at a hospital without prior notice.[11]

In 2012, Helog management decided to refocus their business on training.[9]

In August 2016, Helog opened its academy in Liberia.[2]


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