Heinz Schaufelberger

Heinz Schaufelberger (born 19 November 1947), is a Swiss chess FIDE Master, two-times Swiss Chess Championship winner (1971, 1972).

Heinz Schaufelberger
Born (1947-11-19) 19 November 1947 (age 72)
TitleFIDE Master
Peak rating2355 (July 1973)


In 1966–1968 Heinz Schaufelberger represented Switzerland three times at the European Junior Chess Championship, achieving the best result in 1969 in Groningen, where he finished sixth. In 1969, in Praia da Rocha he participated in World Chess Championships Zonal tournament and ranked 9th place. In 1971, in Birseck he shared 3rd place with Andreas Dückstein behind Gedeon Barcza and Stefano Tatai. In 1971 and 1972 he twice in row won Swiss Chess Championship.[1]

Heinz Schaufelberger played for Switzerland in the Chess Olympiads:[2]

Heinz Schaufelberger played for Switzerland in the European Team Chess Championship:[3]

  • In 1973, at third board in the 5th European Team Chess Championship in Bath (+0, =4, -2).

Also Heinz Schaufelberger two times played for Switzerland in the Men's Chess Mitropa Cup (1976, 1982) and won silver (1976) medal in team competition.[4] Heinz Schaufelberger three times played for Switzerland in the Clare Benedict Chess Cups (1970-1971, 1973).[5]


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