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The Heidrun oil field is an oil and gas field discovered in 1985 in the Norwegian sector of the Norwegian Sea, named after the goat Heiðrún from Norse mythology.

Heidrun oil field
Offshore-Heidrun (8220915890).jpg
Heidrun oil field is located in Norway
Heidrun oil field
Location of Heidrun oil field
RegionNorwegian Sea
Blocks6507/8, 6707/7
Coordinates65°19′33″N 7°19′3″E / 65.32583°N 7.31750°E / 65.32583; 7.31750Coordinates: 65°19′33″N 7°19′3″E / 65.32583°N 7.31750°E / 65.32583; 7.31750
Field history
Current production of oil140,000 barrels per day (~7.0×10^6 t/a)
Current production of gas3×10^6 m3/d (110×10^6 cu ft/d)
Recoverable gas42.6×10^9 m3 (1.50×10^12 cu ft)
Producing formationsGarn, Ile, Tilje and Åre Formations of Early and Middle Jurassic age
Oil from the Heidrun field.

The field lies 175 kilometres (109 mi) north of Kristiansund. It has produced oil and gas since October 1995. In 2013, it produced 65,000 bbl of oil per day and 760 million cubic meters of natural gas.[1] The crude oil is characterized as being naphthenic with 25.0 API (0.9043 g/cm3), 0.52% sulfur, and a high TAN (Total Acid Number) of 2.90.

The Heidrun field is located on Haltenbanken in the Norwegian Sea at a depth of 350 metres (1,150 ft). The field has been developed with gas and water injection, using a floating concrete tension leg platform, installed over a subsea template with 58 well slots.[2] The northern part of the field is developed with subsea facilities.


The Cimmerian structure is a southwest-plunging horst block on the southwest flank of the Nordland ridge formed in the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous.[2] Production is from Jurassic Fangst Group sandstones with the Upper Jurassic Spekk Formation shales being the petroleum source and Cretaceous shales forming the seal.[2]


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