Headlocked is a professional wrestling comic book developed by Visionary Comics Studio, that debuted in 2007. It has featured a painted cover painted by Jerry Lawler.[1] The series was created by Michael Kingston[1] with art by Randy Valiente.


  • Headlocked: Work of Art[1]
  • Headlocked: The Tryout (3 issues)[1][2]
  • Headlocked: A Single Step
  • Headlocked: The Last Territory Volume 1
  • Headlocked: The Last Territory Volume 2


The comic received a positive review in Comics Bulletin[3] and according to Comic Book Bin, "The series has garnered praise from Rob Van Dam, Booster Gold writer Jeff Katz, Jonny Fairplay, and Samoa Joe and Shawn Daivari."[1] Kingston was interviewed by Comic Collector Live and Comic News.Info.[4][5]

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