He Jiong (Chinese: 何炅; pinyin: Hé Jiǒng, born 28 April 1974) is a Chinese television host, singer, actor, director and a former Arabic lecturer in Beijing Foreign Studies University.

He Jiong
He Jiong in 2009
Born (1974-04-28) 28 April 1974 (age 49)
Alma materBeijing Foreign Studies University
Occupation(s)Host, actor, singer, director
Years active1994–present
Known forHappy Camp
Big Pinwheel

Early life and education edit

He Jiong was born on 28 April 1974 in Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan, China. His father, He Wei (Chinese: 何畏; pinyin: Hé Wèi), who was a professor of philosophy, ran a seafood restaurant chain. His elder brother He Hao (Chinese: 何昊; pinyin: Hé Hào) is a military personnel. In 1986, He enrolled in the High School Attached to Hunan Normal University.

In September 1992, he was admitted to study Arabic at Beijing Foreign Studies University. After graduating in July 1997, he became a lecturer of Arabic at his alma mater, during which time he used an Arabic name "Anwar" (Arabic: أنور‎, lit.'luminous'). He and the university agreed to adjust the content of his work in 2007, in order for him to focus on his hosting career. [1] He resigned from the position in January 2015.[1]

Career edit

In 1995, He hosted the show Big Pinwheel on CCTV-14, together with fellow host Liu Chunyan. In 1998, after receiving recognition for his work on the CCTV, He, along with Li Xiang, began hosting the variety show Happy Camp, in what would become one of the most successful shows produced by the Hunan Broadcasting System, and one of the most popular shows in Chinese television history.

For the next few years, He established himself as one of the most prominent hosts in Mainland China, simultaneously hosting variety shows, music shows, cooking contests, and New Years Galas for Hunan, Beijing, and CCTV. In 2004, He debuted as a singer with the album Keyi Ai (Chinese: 可以爱), featuring Gardenia in Blossom as the main single. In 2005, He starred as the main character in the historical drama Emperor Zheng De.[2] In 2006, He was cast for the Stan Lai stage play Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring. [3] The same year, the introduction of Du Haitao and Wu Xin into mainstream media led to the establishment of the Happy Family, consisting of He, Xie Na, Li Weijia, Du, and Wu.

In 2007, He hosted the Chinese singing competition Super Boy, a spin-off of the show Super Girl, a competition that encouraged millions of Chinese netizens to democratically vote for progression in the show. The following year, He hosted the first three episodes of the talk show Day Day Up, taking over for fellow host Wang Han. In 2009, He, along with Wang, hosted the second season of Super Girl.[4]

In 2013, He, together with the Happy Family, starred in the comedy film Bring Happiness Home. Since 2015, He has hosted the cooking show Go Fridge, a spin-off of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, with Jackson Wang of Got7. The same year, He made his film director debut with the teen romance Forever Young, a film based on his debut single Gardenia in Blossom. In March 2016, He featured as a permanent cast on the variety program Who's the Murderer. Since 2017, together with Henry Lau and Huang Lei, He has been a cast member for the reality show Back to Field, a show that featured the simplistic lifestyles away from city centers. In 2019, He began hosting the reality show An Exciting Offer.[5]

In 2020, He ranked 53rd on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.[6]

In 2022, following the unexpected closure of the show Happy Camp, which marked the end of its 24-year run, He began hosting Hello, Saturday as its replacement program.

He Jiong currently holds the Guinness World Record as the most-followed male celebrity on the Chinese social media platform Weibo,[7] with over 115 million followers, as of February 2023.[8]

Filmography edit

Television hosting edit

Ongoing edit

2013 edit

2015 edit

  • UP IDOL (偶像来了)
  • 为她而战
  • Go Fridge Season 1 with Jackson Wang (Got7)
  • Happy Camp in Hunan Channel (From March 1998 until now)
  • Season 2 of Are you normal (你正常吗) with Ella Chen (S.H.E)

2016 edit

2017 edit

2018 edit

2019 edit

2020 edit

Films edit


Year English Title Chinese Title Role
2003 Girls’ Diary
2009 Mars Baby 火星寶貝 Guest performer
2010 Journey to the West
2010 My Sassy Girl 2 我的新野蛮女友 Zhikai
2011 Chase Our Love 宅男總動員之女神歸來 Mian Mian
2011 Speed Angels 極速天使 He Qiwei
2012 The Lion Roars 2 Guest performer
2012 The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven 大鬧天宮3D Nezha (voice)
2012 Today Tomorrow 今天.明天
2013 Bring Happiness Home 快樂到家
2013 Running All the Way 一路狂奔
2013 The Midas Touch 超级经理人 Nancy's Brother
2013–present I Am a Singer/Singer 我是歌手/歌手 Host/Presenter
2014 The True Love
2014 Where are We Going, Dad? 爸爸去哪兒
2014 Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down 完美假妻168
2015 Forever Young Director
2015 Bride Wars 新娘大作戰
2016 A Chinese Odyssey Part Three 大話西遊3 Erlang Shen
2017 Kick Ball 仙球大戰
2017 What a Wonderful Family
2018 The Trough 低壓槽

Television series edit

  • 2004, Zhengde Emperor (正德皇帝)
  • 2005, Do Not Love Me (别爱我)
  • 2006, Never Make A Woman in Tears (不该让女人流泪)
  • 2008, Ugly Wudi (guest performer) (丑女无敌)
  • 2009, Beauties Best (guest performer) (美女不坏)
  • 2009, Take My Breath Away (guest performer) (丝丝心动)
  • 2016, Shuttle Love Millenium (guest performer) (相愛穿梭千年2:月光下的交換)
  • 2017, Midnight Diner (guest performer)
  • 2019, Reset Life (guest performer)

Theatre edit

  • 2003 I Will Make Whatever You like (想吃麻花现给你拧)
  • 2006 The Peach Blossom Land (暗恋桃花源)
  • 2014 21克拉
  • 2016 Writing in Water (水中之书)

Bibliography edit

  • 1998, 9: This Is How I Grow Up (炅炅有神——我是这样长大的)
  • 2000, 10: Happy Like Me (快乐如何)
  • 2001, 10: Just Ok (刚刚好)
  • 2005, 4: Wonderful Happiness (最好的幸福)
  • 2015: 来得及

Discography edit

Albums edit

  • 1st Studio Be worth loving (可以爱)
Released: 19 April 2004
Label: Hao Music
  • 2nd Studio Wander around (漫游)
Released: 23 June 2005
Label: Hao Music
  • 3rd Studio Myself (自己)
Released: 5 December 2006
Label: Hao Music
  • 4th Studio Happy family (快乐你懂的)
Released: 21 September 2010
Label: EE-Media
  • 5th Studio Good times (美好岁月)
Released: 24 September 2010
Label: EE-Media

MV Music Works edit


  • 2010 Love Story 我们约会吧 (He Jiong / Huang Yunling)
  • 2010 Snowflake雪花 (He Jiong / Li Sheng)

References edit

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