He or Ho is the romanized transliteration of several Chinese family names. According to a 2012 survey, 14 million people had Hé () listed as their surname, making it the 17th most common surname in Mainland China,[1] a spot it retained in 2019.[2] Hé was listed as the 21st most common surname in the Hundred Family Surnames. A common alternative spelling of the surname is Ho, which is the Mandarin Wade–Giles romanization and the Cantonese romanization of the Chinese family names.

Region of originChina
Chinese name
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese alphabet
Chữ Hán
Korean name
Japanese name

In the Korean language, the equivalent surname is Ha (하). In the Vietnamese language, the equivalent surname is .

Other less common family names that are romanized as He include (Pinyin: Hé), (Pinyin: Hè), (Pinyin: Hè), and .

History edit

The surname originates from the Ji clan of the Zhou Dynasty, and the Jiang clan of Yandi. It was taken as a surname by the Sogdians when they came to China; therefore, it is considered to be one of the "Nine Sogdian Surnames."[3]

Romanization edit

Char. Mandarin Cantonese
S. T. Pinyin Wade–Giles Jyutping HK Gov't
Ho2 Ho4 Ho
Ho4 Ho6 Ho
Ho2 Ho4 Ho
Ho4 Hok6
Ho4 Haak1 Hak1 Hak

Notable people edit

Science and mathematics edit

  • He Jifeng (何積豐), Chinese computer scientist
  • He Zehui (何泽慧), Chinese nuclear physicist
  • David Ho (scientist) (何大一), Chinese American AIDS researcher
  • Mae-Wan Ho (1941–2016), Hong Kong-born geneticist and biophysicist
  • Tin-Lun Ho (born 1951), Chinese-American theoretical physicist
  • Xuhua He (何旭华, born 1979), Chinese mathematician
  • He Zuoxiu, Chinese physicist and member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Politics edit

  • Albert Ho (何俊仁), Hong Kong Legislative Council member with the Democratic Party
  • Cyd Ho (何秀蘭), Hong Kong Legislative Council member with The Frontier
  • Edmund Ho (何厚鏵), Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
  • He Depu (何德普) dissident in the People's Republic of China
  • Ho Chih-chin (何志欽), Minister of Finance of the Republic of China (2006–2008)
  • Ho Chi-kung (何啟功), Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare of the Republic of China
  • Ho Feng-Shan (何鳳山), diplomat who saved a large number of Jews during World War II, known as "China's Schindler"
  • Ho Mei-yueh (何美玥), Minister of the Council for Economic Planning and Development of the Republic of China (2007–2008)
  • Ho Pei-shan (何佩珊), Deputy Secretary-General of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China
  • Hou Kok Chung (何国忠), Malaysian Deputy Minister for Higher Education

Finance edit

  • He Qiaonü (何巧女) entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Ho Kwon Ping, executive chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings
  • Ho Ching (何晶), executive director of Temasek Holdings and wife of Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong
  • Robert Hotung (何東), Hong Kong businessman and philanthropist
  • Stanley Ho (何鴻燊), Hong Kong and Macau businessman

Filmography and entertainment edit

  • Keishla He (何嘉裟), Puerto Rican social media personality
  • He Meitian (何美钿) Hong Kong actress and former gymnast
  • He Ping (director) (何平) Chinese film director
  • He Zhuoyan (何琢言), Chinese actress and singer
  • A. Kitman Ho (何傑民), Hong Kong-born American film producer
  • Denise Ho (何韻詩), Hong Kong singer and actress
  • Dennis Trillo (also known as Dennis Ho), Filipino actor
  • Don Ho (何大來), Hawaiian musician and entertainer.
  • Godfrey Ho, Hong Kong-based movie director best known for his Ninja films
  • Hoku Ho, American musician and actress
  • Josie Ho (何超儀), singer and actress from Hong Kong
  • Ho Ping (何平), Taiwanese film director
  • Daniel Ho, American musician, composer and producer specializing in Slack-key guitar, ukulele, and Hawaiian music.

Others edit

  • He Kexin (何可欣), Chinese Olympic gymnast
  • He Pingping (何平平), one of the world's smallest men, from Inner Mongolia
  • He Qifang (何其芳), Chinese poet and essayist
  • Qiu Xia He (何秋霞), Chinese pipa player
  • He Xuntian (何训田), modern Chinese composer, famous for his compositions for Dadawa
  • He Yanwen (何 燕雯), Chinese female rower
  • He Ying (何影), Chinese athlete and archer
  • He Yingqin (何應欽), senior Kuomintang general
  • He Yong (rock musician) (何勇), Chinese rock musician
  • He Zhi Wen (何誌文), Chinese-born Spanish male table tennis player
  • Ho Fuk Yan (何福仁), teacher, Chinese language author and poet in Hong Kong
  • James C. Ho, Taiwanese-born American federal judge
  • Sui He (何穗) Chinese fashion model
  • He Luli (何鲁丽) Chinese doctor and politician
  • He Bingjiao (何冰娇) Chinese badminton player
  • Siobhán Haughey (何詩蓓) Hong Kong swimmer
  • He Jin (何進) Eastern Han Dynasty general

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