He or HE may refer to:

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  • He County, Anhui, China
  • He River, or Hejiang (贺江), a tributary of the Xi River in Guangxi and Guangdong
  • Hebei, abbreviated as HE, a province of China (Guobiao abbreviation HE)
  • Hessen, abbreviated as HE, a state of Germany

People edit

  • He (surname), Chinese surname, sometimes transcribed Hé or Ho; includes a list of notable individuals so named
  • Zheng He (1371–1433), Chinese admiral
  • He (和) and He (合), collectively known as 和合二仙 (He-He er xian, "Two immortals He"), two Taoist immortals known as the "Immortals of Harmony and Unity"
  • Immortal Woman He, or He Xiangu, one of the Eight Immortals of Taoism

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