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O'Hanrahan is an Irish surname shared by many Irish people and descendants of Irish emigrants. The name is most common in the area of the Shannon Estuary (counties Kerry, Limerick and Clare) in Ireland. Through emigration the name has become fairly common in the USA, the UK and other countries to which the Irish emigrated. Many famous people share this name as well. The name was originally spelled "Ó hAnnracháin" and initially used in the Irish province of Leinster, where local nobles and kings with the name ruled. Variations include Hanradhan and Hanraghan. Many families within Ireland and those of emigrants from Ireland, of the Ó hAnnracháin family, Anglicised their names to "O'Hanrahan" or "Hanrahan". Eochaidh, King of Leinster, an early monarch who fled to Scotland in exile in 540, was the first ruler to bear the surname. The name originates from Anradhán, diminutive of the Old Irish word "ánradh", which translates as "warrior". The family motto is "An Uachtar" which means "The Champion".

Hanrahan, O'Hanrahan
Language(s) Old Irish
Region of origin Ireland
Meaning derived from ánradh,
meaning "soldier"
Other names
Variant(s) Hanrahan
Handrahan, Hanraghan


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