Hannes Stelzer

Hannes Stelzer (20 June 1910 – 27 December 1944) was an Austrian film actor. Stelzer was a leading actor in German cinema during the Nazi era.

Hannes Stelzer
Born20 June 1910
Died27 December 1944 (aged 34)
Years active1936 – 1943 (film)

As well as appearing in dramas and light comedies, Stelzer also featured in more propagandistic works, including leading roles in the war films Stukas[1] and The Crew of the Dora (1943), his final film.

During the Second World War Stelzer served in the German Air Force. In 1944 he was killed in a plane crash near Komáron, Hungary,[2] possibly as the result of enemy action. By Reichskulturkammer, dated 27 January 1945, he was returning from mission during heavy snowstorm and hit the power lines. [3]

Stelzer married Johanna Weyand in 1935 and, after they divorced, the German actress Maria Bard in 1940, whom he remained married to until her death in 1944.

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