A Hopeless Case

A Hopeless Case (German: Ein hoffnungsloser Fall) is a 1939 German comedy film directed by Erich Engel and starring Jenny Jugo, Karl Ludwig Diehl and Hannes Stelzer.[1]

A Hopeless Case
A Hopeless Case.jpg
Directed byErich Engel
Written byJochen Huth
Produced byEberhard Klagemann
CinematographyFritz Arno Wagner
Edited byCarl Otto Bartning
Music byHans-Otto Borgmann
Release date
  • 7 March 1939 (1939-03-07)

The film's sets were designed by Karl Weber.


A determined female medical student at Berlin University resists the advances of her professor, single-mindedly concentrating on her chosen profession. She then sails to Argentina with her true love, fellow student who the Professor has arranged to be sent there to try and get out of the way.



On 14 March 1939, Adolf Hitler summoned Emil Hácha, President of Czechoslovakia to Berlin for talks. The meeting was scheduled late at night and was to include, apart from Hitler, Hermann Göring and Joachim von Ribbentrop. The elderly Hácha was humiliated by being deliberately kept waiting for hours, because Hitler was at that time watching the film A Hopeless Case, which ended past midnight. He was summoned by Hitler at 1:15 AM, who informed him that German troops would march into Czechoslovakia at 6:00 AM, on the pretext that the Czechs were disturbing the peace in Europe. In the antechamber, Göring and Ribbentrop pressed Hácha to sign a document legalizing the invasion. When Hácha hesitated, Göring threatened to bomb Prague, whereupon Hácha fainted. Revived by injection, Hácha signed a document in the presence of Hitler accepting the invasion and annexation of Czech lands into the Third Reich, which began in the early morning of 15 March 1939.[2]


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