Hajjah District

Hajjah District (Arabic: مُدِيْرِيَّة حَجَّة‎, romanizedMudīriyyat Ḥajjah) is a district of the Hajjah Governorate, Yemen. As of 2003, the district had a population of 29,533 inhabitants.[1]

Hajjah District

مُدِيْرِيَّة حَجَّة
Hajjah District is located in Yemen
Hajjah District
Hajjah District
Location of Hajjah District
Hajjah District is located in Asia
Hajjah District
Hajjah District
Hajjah District (Asia)
Coordinates: Coordinates: 15°40′53.04″N 43°26′58.92″E / 15.6814000°N 43.4497000°E / 15.6814000; 43.4497000
Country Yemen
 • Total29,533
Time zoneUTC+3 (Yemen Standard Time)


Albeit enjoying peace between 2013 and the end of December 2018, despite the war that has engulfed other parts of the country, the area of Hajour has witnessed intense fighting between Houthis vying for control of the area and local tribes with whom they earlier agreed to cease hostilities that had occurred in 2012 and 2013.[2]


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