Coordinates: 12°39′N 54°01′E / 12.650°N 54.017°E / 12.650; 54.017

Hadibu (Arabic: حديبوḤādībū), formerly known as Tamrida (Arabic: تمريدة‎),[1] is a coastal town in northern Socotra, Yemen. It is not far from the mount Jabal al-Jahir. It is the largest town of the small archipelago, with a population of 8,545 at the 2004 census. Hadibu is also the capital of the larger eastern district of Socotra's two administrative districts, Hidaybū. For the inhabitants of the town, animal husbandry is the main source of income.



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Clockwise from top: Mosque in Hadibu, Hadibu sunset, A street in Hadibu, Hotel in Hadibu, fishing boats on coastline
Hadibu is located in Yemen
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 12°39′N 54°01′E / 12.650°N 54.017°E / 12.650; 54.017
Country Yemen
ControlSouth Yemen Southern Transitional Council
Time zoneUTC+03:00 (Yemen Standard Time)

Socotra Airport is located about 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) west of Hadibu, and close to the third largest town in the archipelago, Qād̨ub.[2] Diesel generators make electricity widely available in Socotra. A paved road runs along the north shore from Qulansiyah to Hadibu and then to the DiHamri area; and another paved road, from the northern coast to the southern through the Dixsam Plateau.[citation needed] On June 20th, 2020, the Southern Transitional Council annexed the city.[3]

The former capital is located to the east of Hadibu.


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