Hacemos por Nuestro País

Hacemos por Nuestro País (HpNP or HNP, lit.'We Do for Our Country') is an Argentine political coalition created to participate in the 2023 Argentine general election. The coalition includes Non-Kirchnerist Peronism, the Socialist Party, the Christian Democratic Party, the Autonomist Party and other provincial parties.[9]

We Do for Our Country
Hacemos por Nuestro País
AbbreviationHNP or HpNP
LeaderJuan Schiaretti
FoundersJuan Schiaretti
Juan Manuel Urtubey
Founded14 June 2023 (2023-06-14)
Preceded byFederal Consensus
Federal Peronism[1]
Argentine nationalism[2]
Third Way[3]
Political positionCentre[4][1] to centre-right[5][6][7][8]
Member parties (national level)Christian Democratic Party
Socialist Party
Autonomist Party
Seats in the Chamber
8 / 257
Seats in the Senate
3 / 72
Province Governors
1 / 24

The legislative forces of the Federal Interbloc are grouped into this alliance.

History edit

At the beginning of 2023, the construction of this "third way" coalition, the successor to the Federal Consensus coalition that participated in the 2019 general election, began to be built. Pan-Peronism or Federal Peronism was integrated into this coalition, with its main representatives Juan Schiaretti and Juan Manuel Urtubey, both tentative candidates for the presidency, later adding figures such as socialism, referred to by national deputy Mónica Fein and other parties such as Christian Democrat and National Autonomist, in addition to other provincial forces.

At the beginning of June 2023, the preliminary name of this coalition was revealed: "Hacemos una Patria Federal"

Faced with the decision of Juan Schiaretti together with Florencio Randazzo, Diego Bossio, Christian democracy and socialism to seek to form an expanded alliance with Juntos por el Cambio, Juan Manuel Urtubey notified the exit of the coalition and later announced the withdrawal of his presidential candidacy.

Finally, this agreement could not materialize; on 14 June 2023, the coalition Hacemos por Nuestro País was registered in court.

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