Ha'Or Ve'HaTzel

Ha'Or Ve'HaTzel (Hebrew: האור והצל‎ - The Light and the Shadow) is the second album by the Israeli rapper Subliminal, in collaboration with another Israeli rapper - The Shadow. It was released in 2002.

Ha'Or Ve'HaTzel
Studio album by
Released2002 (2002)
LabelTact Records
Subliminal and Ha'tzel chronology
Ha'Or m'Zion
Ha'Or Ve'HaTzel
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Track listingEdit

No.TitleEnglish titleLength
2."Banu Choshech Legaresh"We Came To Expel The Darkness4:18
3."Hefred U'mshol"Divide And Conquer4:01
4."Ani Yachol"I Can4:17
5."Ha'Finali"The Finale4:08
6."Tni Li"Give Me4:10
7."Ha'element Ha'chamishi"The Fifth Element0:20
8."Hayinu Asinu"We Were There, We Did It3:53
9."Bor Le'lo Tachtit"A Bottomless Pit4:57
10."Biladi" (My Country) 2:43
12."Adei Dika'on"Steams Of Depression0:50
13."Zazim Im Ha'bass"Move With The Bass (Bounce)4:09
14."Ha'tzel Mi'tzion"The Shadow From Zion0:57
15."Lo Tatzlichu La'atzor Oti"You Won't Succeed In Stopping Me4:03
16."Shumu Shamayim (Ha'archion)"Lordy Lord (The Archive)2:50
17."Hatzir"The Hinge4:33
18."Yeled Rechov"Street Kid5:19
20."Ha'Or Ve'HaTzel"The Light & The Shadow6:19