Ha'Or m'Zion

Ha'Or m'Zion (Hebrew: האור מציון‎ - The Light From Zion) is the debut album by an Israeli hip-hop artist Subliminal. It was released in 2000.

Ha'Or m'Zion
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Released2000 (2000)
Subliminal chronology
Ha'Or m'Zion
Ha'Or Ve'HaTzel

Track listingEdit

No.TitleEnglish titleLength
2."Beit Hasefer Hayashan"The Old School4:45
3."From T.A. To L.A."From T.A. To L.A.4:19
5."Chai Miyom Leyom"Living From Day To Day4:25
7."From Aleph To Tav"From A to Z4:14
8."Yoter Mi'chaver"More Than A Friend4:12
9."Hariviyah Hapotachat Machrizim"The Opening Quartet Proclaims1:15
10."Ha'Kazablan Shel Shnot Ha'tishim"Kazablan Of The 90s4:43
11."Ha'adrichalim"The Architects3:11
12."Banu Choshech Legaresh"We Came To Expel The Darkness0:38
13."Ha'or"The Light3:25
14."Aizeh Seret"What A Movie4:35
15."Lo Poched"Not Afraid2:54
16."Yoter Mi'chaver"More Than A Friend4:31
17."Ha'chagiga Nigmeret"The Celebration Is Over0:25