Guillemette of Neufchâtel

Guillemette de Neufchâtel (1260–1317) was a French noblewoman, the daughter of Amadeus, Count of Neufchâtel and his wife, Jordanna of Arberg. In 1259, her great-aunt Margaret, married Richard of Neufchâtel-en-Bourgogne. As her dowry, she brought the Lordships of Blamont, Châtelot, Belmont, and Cuisance into the marriage. The Lords of Neufchâtel-en-Bourgogne placed Blamont under the protection of the Duke of Burgundy and thus detached it from Montbéliard.[citation needed]

Guillemette of Neuchâtel
Countess of Montbéliard, suo jure
Died1317 (aged 56–57)
Étobon Castle, near Héricourt, Haute-Saône
Noble familyHouse of Montfaucon
Spouse(s)Reginald of Burgundy
FatherAmadeus, Count of Neuchâtel
MotherJordanna of Arberg

In 1282, Guillemette married Reginald of Burgundy. They had five children:

In 1283, her great-grandfather, Theodoric III, Count of Montbéliard (1205–1283) died. He had outlived all his children and in his will, he left the County of Montbéliard to his great-granddaughter Guillemette. Theobald III of Neufchâtel, who was a grandchild of Theodoric III and who wanted Montbéliard for himself, conspired with Reginald's brother Otto IV to have Montbéliard recognized as a fief of Burgundy. To resolve this, Reginald ceded Blamont and Châtelot to Theobald.[citation needed]

Guillemette of Neufchâtel
House of Neufchâtel
Born: 1260 Died: 1317
Preceded by
Theodoric III
Countess suo jure of Montbéliard
With: Reginald of Burgundy (jure uxoris)
Succeeded by
Reginald of Burgundy