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Guaitecas Archipelago

Guaitecas Archipelago is an archipelago in the Aisén region. The Ciprés de las Guaitecas (Spanish for Pilgerodendron) tree is named after the archipelago. The only settlement in the archipelago is Melinka in the Ascención Island.

Guaitecas Archipelago
Native name: Archipiélago de las Guaitecas
Guaitecas Archipelago is marked with light blue, Chonos Archipelago with dark blue and Chiloé Archipelago is marked with red.
Coordinates 43°55′17″S 73°49′33″W / 43.921322°S 73.825841°W / -43.921322; -73.825841Coordinates: 43°55′17″S 73°49′33″W / 43.921322°S 73.825841°W / -43.921322; -73.825841
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Region Aisén
Province Aisén
Commune Guaitecas
Additional information
NGA UFI=-877176

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