Chilean corvette Chacabuco (1866)

The Chilean corvette Chacabuco was a late 19th-century ship of the Chilean Navy. Commanded by Enrique Simpson in the early 1870s, the ship participated in the exploration of the fjords and archipelagoes of Aysén Region in northern Patagonia.[2] These travels led to the re-discovery of San Rafael Lake and the establishment of Aysén Fjord as the principal access to the inland of Aysén Region.[2] In 1876 Chacabuco transported governor of Magallanes Diego Dublé Almeyda to the Falkland Islands bringing back sheep, thus initiating the Patagonian sheep farming boom of the late 19th century.[3] From 1879 onwards the corvette fought in the War of the Pacific.

Corbeta Chacabuco.jpg
Naval Jack of Chile.svgChile
NamesakeBattle of Chacabuco
BuilderRavenhill, London, United Kingdom
FateScrapped 1890
General characteristics
Class and typeCorvette
Length216 ft 6 in (66.0 m)
Beam33 ft 4 in (10.2 m)
Draught18 ft 0 in (5.5 m)
Installed power1.200 HP
PropulsionMaudsley return connecting rod engine[1]
Speed9 kn
Armament3 Armstrong guns 7 in, 2 guns 70 lb, 4 guns 40 lb

Puerto Chacabuco in Aysén Fjord is named after the ship.


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