Grand Prix Criquielion

The Grand Prix Criquielion is a European single day cycle race held each year in and around the Belgian village of Deux-Acren. The race was first organized in 1991 in honour of Claude Criquielion, who had announced his retirement that same year and was also the first winner of the race. The race is organized as a 1.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour.

Grand Prix Criquielion
Race details
RegionHainaut, Belgium
Local name(s)GP Criquielion (in French)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeOne-day race
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First edition1991 (1991)
Editions25 (as of 2018)
First winner Claude Criquielion (BEL)
Most wins Jelle Wallays (BEL) (2 wins)
Most recent Lionel Taminiaux (BEL)


Year Country Rider Team
1991   Belgium Claude Criquielion
1992–1994 No race
1995   Belgium Gino Primo
1996   Belgium Johan Remels
1997   Belgium Steve Van Aken
1998   Belgium Sven Nys
1999   Belgium Gianni David
2000   Belgium Johan Verhaegen
2001   Australia Cameron Hughes
2002   Belgium Renaud Boxus
2003   Belgium Kurt Hovelijnck
2004   Great Britain Hamish Haynes
2005   Belgium Kevin Degezelle
2006   Belgium Jonathan Henrion
2007   Belgium Michael Blanchy Babes Only-Villapark Lingemeer-Flanders
2008   Belgium Fabio Polazzi Bodysol-Euromillions-Pôle Continental Wallon
2009   Belgium Nico Kuypers
2010   Belgium Jelle Wallays Topsport Vlaanderen–Mercator
2011   Belgium Tim De Troyer
2012   New Zealand Tom David
2013   Belgium Boris Vallée Color Code–Biowanze
2014   Belgium Kevin Peeters Vastgoedservice–Golden Palace
2015   Belgium Jelle Wallays Topsport Vlaanderen–Baloise
2016   Belgium Timothy Dupont Verandas Willems
2017   Netherlands Bram Welten BMC Development Team
2018   Belgium Lionel Taminiaux AGO–Aqua Service

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