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La Dernière Heure (The Latest Hour) and Les Sports (sometimes referred to as La DH) is a French-language daily newspaper published in Brussels, Belgium. The paper is known for news and sports.

La Dernière Heure
TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherIPM Publishing Group
EditorMichel Marteau
Founded19 April 1906 language = French
Political alignmentliberal

History and profileEdit

La DH was established on 19 April [1] 1906.[2] The paper has its headquarters in Brussels and has a liberal stance without any political affiliation.[2] Its publisher is IPM.[3] It has seven regional versions: Namur / Luxembourg, Liège, Tournai / Ath / Mouscron, Mons Center, Charleroi Center, Brabant, and Brussels.

In 1990 La DH sold 445,000 copies.[4] The 2002 circulation of the paper was 112,000 copies with a market share of 17.5%.[5]


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