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The Grand National Curling Club (GNCC), founded in 1867, was the first National Curling Organization encompassing the entire United States. It remained the national organization until it created the United States Curling Association (USCA) in the 1950s, which split the GNCC into 10 Regions to compete in a U.S. Men's National Curling Championship. The champion would represent the United States in the newly created Men's World Curling Championships.

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The GNCC is the union of curling clubs in the Eastern United States. Following the splitting of the GNCC into 10 regions in the 1950s, the GNCC remained as the Eastern US Region, with most of its clubs located in the North-East US From Maine to Virginia. In recent years the growth of new clubs has included both the North-East and South-East United States. As of December 2021, the GNCC includes 73 curling clubs in 18 States.[1][2] States represented include, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia.

Origins and history edit

In response to a May 1867 advertisement in The Scottish-American Journal, 33 delegates from seven clubs from across the U.S. met on June 26, 1867 in the Caledonian Club rooms in New York City. The seven original clubs were:

  1. Caledonian Club (New York, New York)
  2. New York Club (New York, New York)
  3. Thistle Club (New York, New York)
  4. St. Andrew's Club (New York, New York)
  5. Paterson Club (Paterson, New Jersey)
  6. Caledonian Club (Buffalo, New York)
  7. Burns Club (Cleveland, Ohio)

Rather than join the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in Scotland, the delegates decided to form a national organization. On a motion by Mr. James Brand, Caledonian, New York, the new club was called the "Grand National Curling Club of America" and became the first national curling organization in America. Within a few months, additional clubs joined the GNCC from Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The earliest documented club in the current GNCC geographic area was the New England Curling Club of Boston, established sometime prior to 1839.[3]

In the 1950s a Men's World Championship was being organized. The GNCC reorganized and created the United States Curling Association, dividing the GNCC into 10 Regional organizations. This division was to allow a National Playdown with 10 teams. The Grand National Curling Club became a regional association representing the clubs in the eastern United States. Regional based national playdowns are no longer competed to determine the United States Championships.

The GNCC provides many services to its member clubs. These include, mentoring new clubs, stone rental program for the creation of new clubs, training programs for curlers, coaches and ice technicians, just to name a few. The GNCC also has programs to help clubs perform emergency repairs, programs to help clubs become dedicated ice facilities, and programs to support Junior Curling development. This is NOT an all-inclusive list. New programs are created as needed to help the regional clubs develop and grow. The GNCC works to develop and nurture clubs from initial inception through building dedicated facilities and beyond. The GNCC also has a GNCC Club insurance program available to its member clubs, providing great coverage at reasonable rates.

The GNCC holds many regional championships. Including, Men's, Women's, Mixed, Jr Men's, Jr Women's, Mixed Doubles, Senior Men's, Senior Women's, College, Arena, 5 & Under Men's, 5 & Under Women's and 5 & Under Mixed. The GNCC Holds 2 annual International Events. The oldest dating back to the 1870's is the Gordon International, with the GNCC competing with the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, Montreal Branch. In the 1960s the Ross Tarlton was created with the GNCC competing with the Ontario Curling Association. The GNCC began the Scottish Tour with competition between the GNCC (then representing the entire United States) and the Royal Caledonian Curling Club of Scotland in the late 1800s. The GNCC/Scotland Scottish Tour held a competition every 5 years, alternating between the United States and Scotland. With the creation of the United States Curling Association in the 1950s, the Scottish tour was changed to the United States Curling Association vs the Royal Caledonian Curling Club of Scotland. The Scottish Tour continues to be held every 5 years alternating between the United States and Scotland.

In addition to the activities above, the GNCC represents its clubs to the USCA, acting as the conduit for their clubs to the USCA. In 2022, the USCA Board of Directors removed the GNCC as a member region due to non-compliance with the USCA bylaws. [4] Two-thirds of the USA Curling members voted to ratify the decision at the annual Members' Assembly in October 2022.

Member clubs edit

State Club Name City/Town Type Sheets Year Founded Notes
Rocket City Curling Club[5] Huntsville Arena 5 2018 Hosted at the Ice Sports Center in Huntsville, Alabama
Hartford Curling Club[6] Hartford Arena 3 1908 Originally incorporated 1908-1973, re-incorporated 2015. Hosted at Veterans Memorial Ice Skating Rink in West Hartford, Connecticut
LBI Curling Club[7] Bridgeport Paper Named after Long Beach Island, NJ
Norfolk Curling Club[8] Norfolk Dedicated 2 1956 Destroyed by arson in December 2011, rebuild completed in October 2013
Nutmeg Curling Club[9] Bridgeport Dedicated 3 1960 Dedicated facility acquired in 2006
Diamond State Curling Club[10] Newark Arena 1-5 2017 Hosted at the Patriot Ice Center in Newark, Delaware
Jacksonville Granite Curling Club[11] Jacksonville Arena 2017 Hosted at Veterns Memorial Arena in Jacksonfille, Florida
Loggerhead Curling Club[12] Lake Worth Arena 4 2019 Formerly the Palm Beach Curling club. Hosted at Palm Beach Skate Zone in Lake Worth, Florida
Orlando Curling Club[13] Orlando Arena 2014 Hosted at Ice Factory in Kissimmee, Florida, and at Daytona Ice Arena in South Daytona, Florida
Tampa Bay Curling Club[14] Tampa Bay Arena 2017 Hosted at Florida Hospital Center Ice in Wesley Chapel, Florida
Atlanta Curling Club[15] Atlanta Arena 5 2010 Hosted at Atlanta Ice Forum
Peachtree Curling Association[16] Marietta Dedicated 3 2015 Dedicated facility acquired in 2015
Belfast Curling Club[17] Belfast Dedicated 3 1959 Facility constructed 1962
Pine Tree Curling Club[18] Portland Arena 3 2015 Hosted at William B. Troubh Ice Arena in Portland, Maine
Chesapeake Curling Club[19] Easton Dedicated 3 1980 Located at the Talbot County Community Center in Easton, Maryland. No ice due to renovations during the 2005-2006 season
Potomac Curling Club[20] Laurel Dedicated 4 1961 Acquired dedicated facility in 2002
Blackstone Valley Curling Club[21] Hopedale Arena 2016 Hosted at Blackstone Valley IcePlex in Hopedale, Massachusetts
Boston Curling Club[22] Boston Paper 1890 Originally outdoors at Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts and later on Scarboro Pond in Boston, Massachusetts
Broomstones Curling Club[23] Wayland Dedicated 4 1968 The largest dedicated curling club in the Boston area
Canadian Club of Boston[24] West Roxbury Paper 1961 Currently plays on ice belonging to The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts
Cape Cod Curling Club[25] Falmouth Dedicated 3 1969 Curling in current facility since 1975
Colonial Curling Association[26] Worcester Arena 3 2016 Hosted at Fidelity Bank Worcester Ice Center, Worcester, Massachusetts
Curling Club of the Berkshires[27] Pittsfield Arena 4 2017 Hosted at The Boys and Girls Club in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Lower Cape Curling Club[28] Orleans Arena 3 2018 Hosted at Charles Moore Arena in Orleans, Massachusetts
Merrimack Valley Curling Club[29] Lowell Paper 2008 Formerly the 2006 Greater Lowell Curling Club (paper), now plays at the Nashua Curling Club
Nantucket Curling Club[30] Nantucket Arena 2016 Hosted at Nantucket Ice in Nantucket, Massachusetts
New Pond Curling Club[31] Walpole Natural Ice 1951 Started in 1951 with three stones originally from the Lake Placid Curling Club, founded to experience curling on natural (outdoor) ice
North End Curling Club[32] Boston Arena 2017 Hosted at Steriti Memorial Rink in Boston, Massachusetts
Petersham Curling Club[33] Petersham Dedicated 2 1960 Dedicated facility built in 1960
South Shore Curling Club[34] Bridgewater Arena 5 2010 Hosted at Bridgewater Ice Arena in Bridgewater, Massachusetts
The Country Club[35] Brookline Dedicated 4 1920 The site of the first indoor artificially-created ice rink dedicated to curling on December 19, 1920[36]
Weston Curling Club[37] Weston Paper 1960 Affiliated with Broomstones Curling Club in Wayland, Massachusetts
New Hampshire
Granite Curling Club (Hollis, NH) Nashua Paper Plays out of Nashua Country Club
Mount Washington Valley Curling Club[38] Conway Arena 2011 Hosted at Ham Public Ice Arena in Conway, New Hampshire
Nashua Country Club[39] Nashua Dedicated 4 1928 Curling began in 1928 on a frozen pond which is now the thirteenth hole. Dedicated ice shed construction began in 1947
Plymouth Rocks Curling Club[40] Plymouth Arena 4 2014 Hosted at Plymouth State University Ice Arena in Holderness, New Hampshire
New Jersey
Jersey Pinelands Curling Club[41] Mount Laurel Arena 5 2014 Hosted at The Igloo Ice Rink in Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Plainfield Curling Club[42] South Plainfield Dedicated 2 1963 Current indoor facility constructed in 1967
New York
Albany Curling Club[43] Albany Dedicated 2 1955 Curling happened on the frozen lake at Albany's Washington Park from 1866 to 1902, prior to the 1955 incorporation of the Albany Curling Club
Amherst Curling Club[44] Macedon Paper Reportedly used by some curlers out of the Rochester Curling Club
Ardsley Curling Club[45] Ardsley Dedicated 3 1932 Also home of the New York Caledonian's Curling Club. Initially played out of St. Andrew's Curling Club, its current dedicated facility was constructed in 1966
Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club[46] Brooklyn Arena 5 2014 Hosted at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Finger Lakes Curling Club[47] Ithaca Arena 4 2017 Hosted at Community Recreation Center The Rink in Ithaca, New York. The 2018-2019 season was cut short due to structural issues.
Kayuta Lake Curling Club Forestport Natural Ice Varies 2001 Holds the annual Kayuta Lake Curling Club Winterfest bonspiel on outdoor natural ice in February. Ice conditions permitting.
Lake Placid Curling Club[48] Saranac Lake Arena 5 1981 Hosted at Saranac Lake Civic Center in Saranac Lake, New York since 2013
Long Island Curling Club[49] Syosset Arena 4 2008 Hosted at the Long Island Sports Hub in Syosset, New York
New York Caledonian Curling Club[50] Yonkers Paper Curls out of the Ardsley Curling Club
Rochester Curling Club[51] Rochester Dedicated 4 1961 A two-sheet dedicated facility was constructed in 1966 and expanded to four sheets in 1972. RCC maintains a connection to the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in Edinburgh, Scotland
Schenectady Curling Club[52] Schenectady Dedicated 4 1907 Front Street facility at Mohawk Golf Club constructed and opened in 1924 with artificial ice introduced in 1928. Current facility on Balltown Road constructed in 1952
St. Andrew's Curling Club Dobbs Ferry Paper 1903 Curls out of the Ardsley Curling Club
Utica Curling Club[53] Whitestown Dedicated 6 1868 The facility on Francis Street was destroyed by fire in 1995. The current facility on Clark Mills Road opened in 1996
North Carolina
Charlotte Curling Association[54] Charlotte Dedicated 4 2010 Current dedicated facility opened in 2014. Formerly known as the Charlotte Centre Curling Club
Coastal Carolina Curling Club[55] Wilmington Arena 4 2011 Hosted at the Wilmington Ice House in Wilmington, N.C.
Triangle Curling Club[56] Durham Dedicated 4 1995 Opened its own dedicated facility in 2015
Anthracite Curling Club[57] Wilkes-Barre Arena 4 2006 Hosted at Toyota SportsPlex in Coal Street Park in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania since 2010. Formerly known as the Scranton Curling Club and hosted at the Ice Box in Pittston, Pennsylvania 2006-2008
Bucks County Curling Club[58] Warminster Dedicated 4 2010 Dedicated ice since 2015
French Creek Curling Club[59] Meadville Arena 4 2016 Hosted at Meadville Area Recreation Complex (The "MARC") in Meadville, Pennsylvania
Nittany Valley Curling Club[60] Pennsylvania Arena 2019 Hosted at Pegula Ice Arena at Penn State University
Philadelphia Curling Club[61] Paoli Dedicated 2 1957 Current facility constructed and opened in 1966
Pittsburgh Curling Club[62] Pittsburgh Dedicated 4 2002 New dedicated facility opened Stowe Township in February 2020. Formerly hosted at Robert Morris University Island Sports Center in Glenfield, Pennsylvania
Rail City Curling Club[63] Altoona Arena 2018 Hosted at Galactic Ice in Altoona, Pennsylvania
Rhode Island
Ocean State Curling Club[64] Smithfield Arena 5 2009 Hosted at Smithfield Municipal Ice Rink in Smithfield, Rhode Island since 2019
South Carolina
Charleston Curling Club[65] Charleston Arena 2017 Hosted at Carolina Ice Palace in Charleston, South Carolina
Palmetto Curling Club[66] Greenville Arena 4 2010 Hosted at Greenville County Pavilion Recreation Complex in Greenville, South Carolina
Green Mountain Curling Club[67] Burlington Paper 2005 Currently play at the Bedford Curling Club in Bedford, Quebec (10 minutes into Canada from the I-89 crossing)
Rutland Rocks Curling Club[68] Rutland Arena 2007 Hosted at Giorgetti Arena in Rutland, Vermont
Woodstock Curling Club[69] Woodstock Arena 2008 Also known as Upper Valley Curling. Hosted at Wendell A. Barwood Arena in White River Junction, Vermont.
Blue Ridge Curling Club[70] Charlottesville Arena 3 2016 Hosted at Main Street Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia
Curling Club of Virginia[71] Richmond Arena 3 2011 Hosted at The Richmond Ice Zone in Chesterfield, Virginia
Roanoke Valley Curling Club[72] Roanoke Arena 2018 Hosted at Berglund Center in Roanoke, Virginia

Events edit

These events are GNCC Sponsored Events, and do not include the events that are sponsored by the GNCC Member Clubs.

  • Men's
    • Francis Dykes Bonspiel (5 and under)
    • Ross Tarlton
    • Senior Men’s
    • Gordon International
    • Gordon-Emmet – The oldest consecutive event in North America.
  • Women's
    • Senior Women’s
    • Elisabeth Childs Challenge (5 and under)
  • Mixed/Open
    • Senior Mixed
    • Raymond Kayser Memorial Bonspiel (5 and under)
    • Mixed Doubles
    • Arena Club Championship (open event for arena club members only)[73]

Past presidents edit

In 2018, the GNCC implemented a "New Management Plan". This expanded and reorganized its leadership positions. As part of this change, the highest-ranked officer of the GNCC is now "Chairman of the Board of Directors", eliminating the position of "President".[75][76]

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