Gormiti (2018 TV series)

Gormiti is a CGI animated television series co-produced by Giochi Preziosi, Planeta Junior and Kotoc Produccions, based on the toy line of the same name. Unrelated to the two prior animated series in the franchise, the show was first unveiled at MIPJunior in October 2017.[1] It began airing in the United States, Spain, and Italy in the fall of 2018.

Gormiti 2018 logo.png
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy
Based onGormiti by Giochi Preziosi
Written byRomain Van Liemt (head writer)
Freddy Córdoba Schwaneberg (story editor)
Directed byFreddy Córdoba Schwaneberg
Roger Córdoba Schwaneberg
Opening themeEnglish: "The Heralds of Gorm" performed by Daniel Belenguer
Italian: "Gormiti The Legend is Back", performed by Giorgio Vanni
ComposerBanjo Soundscapes
Country of originItaly
United States
Original languagesItalian
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes106
Executive producersDavid Diéguez Redondo
Enrico Preziosi
Dario Bertè
Matteo Preziosi
Lorenzo Bombelli
Luca Lunghi
Running time11 minutes
Production companiesGiochi Preziosi
Planeta Junior
Kotoc Produccions
DistributorPlaneta Junior
Original networkBoing / Clan (Spain)
Rai Gulp / RaiPlay / Rai YoYo (Italy)
Netflix/Tubi TV/Prime Video (United States)
Original releaseOctober 1, 2018 (2018-10-01) –
present (present)
Related showsGormiti (2008)
Gormiti Nature Unleashed


The series premiered in Spain on Boing on September 10, 2018 and then on Clan.[2] In Italy, the first five episodes were released through RaiPlay on September 21, 2018 ahead of its linear television debut on Rai Gulp and Rai YoYo on October 1, 2018.[3][4]

In Canada, the series debuted in English on Teletoon on April 5, 2019.[5] It later aired on the French-language Télétoon on May 10, 2019. In France, the series premiered on January 9, 2019 on Canal J, in April 2019 on Gulli Africa and on May 30 on Gulli in France. In the United Kingdom, the series began airing on CITV on September 2, 2019.[6] In Turkey, the series began airing on Cartoon Network on March 2, 2020, and In The Middle East, the series began airing on Spacetoon on 2019.


Season 1Edit

Episode 1: The One Tower

Episode 2: Training Day

Episode 3: Bend the Rules

Episode 4: Tower Rising

Episode 5: Go with the Flow

Episode 6: Winds of Change

Episode 7: The Tournament

Episode 8: Hyperbeasts Go!

Episode 9: Dark Storm

Episode 10: Sixty Feet Under

Episode 11: Deep Freeze

Episode 12: Defender of the Ice

Episode 13: Tiny Trouble

Episode 14: The Stone of Deception

Episode 15: Haunted Heralds

Episode 16: All for One

Episode 17: Dangerous Combo

Episode 18: Roaring Riot

Episode 19: Windriders

Episode 20: A Slice of Thin Air

Episode 21: Freefalling

Episode 22: Tower Defense

Episode 23: The Way of Fire

Episode 24: King Riff

Episode 25: The Battle for the Elestar (Part One)

Episode 26: The Battle for the Elestar (Part Two)

Season 2Edit

Episode 27: Dawn of the Meka - Part One

Episode 28: Dawn of the Meka - Part Two

Episode 29: The First Beacon

Episode 30: Cliffhanger

Episode 31: Deep Trouble

Episode 32: Solid as Rock

Episode 33: Rockies United

Episode 34: Brain vs Brawn

Episode 35: Fire and Fear

Episode 36: A Blast of Hot Heat

Episode 37: Riff under Fire

Episode 38: Surround by Evil

Episode 39: Voidus Rising

Episode 40: Gorm with the Wind

Episode 41: Wind Wiped!

Episode 42: Out of Order

Episode 43: The Windy Way

Episode 44: Catch the Wind

Episode 45: Cold as Ice

Episode 46: The Final Curse

Episode 47: Portals of Chaos

Episode 48: No Laughing Matter

Episode 49: Alone Together

Episode 50: The Dark Fortress - Part One

Episode 51: The Dark Fortress - Part Two

Episode 52: The Dark Fortress - Part Three

Season 3Edit

Episode 53: Order and Chaos

Episode 54: The call

Episode 55: The Alpha Energy

Episode 56: The Iskador

Episode 57: Fire Bombs

Episode 58: Cool as Magma

Episode 59: The Magma Way

Episode 60: The Sanctuary

Episode 61: Hyperchase

Episode 62: Ultra-Super-Fast

Episode 63: Kawakai!

Episode 64: Battle of the Iskador

Episode 65: I'm Awake!

Episode 66: The Secret Of The Heart

Episode 67: Ocean Buddies

Episode 68: Stolen Emotions

Episode 69: Underwater Trek

Episode 70: Weird Eron

Episode 71: Control your Flow

Episode 72: Tiny Trek

Episode 73: Floating rocks

Episode 74: The Cosmic Cube

Episode 75: Time After Time

Episode 76: Knowledge is Power

Episode 77: Heroes of the Heart - Part One

Episode 78: Heroes of the Heart - Part Two

Episode 79: Heroes of the Heart - Part Three

Season 4Edit

Episode 80: Return to Gorm

Episode 81: The New Darkness

Episode 82: Aoki Returns

Episode 83: The First Crystal

Episode 84: Fire Cave

Episode 85: Volcano Madness

Episode 86: The Portal to the Temple

Episode 87: The Key to the Elemental Energy

Episode 88: The Underwater Cave

Episode 89: The Tall Mountain

Episode 90: The Puzzle

Episode 91: Chill the Flow

Episode 92: Ice Madness

Episode 93: Starlight vs Shadow

Episode 94: Strong as Stones

Episode 95: The Rock Maze

Episode 96: Which is the Real Crystal

Episode 97: Strength is Power

Episode 98: The Power of Bravery

Episode 99: The Riddle of the Wind

Episode 100: The Crystal in the Cloud

Episode 101: Raging Winds

Episode 102: The Funniest Thing

Episode 103: The Last Elemental Energy Lock

Episode 104: The Final Fight Part 1

Episode 105: The Final Fight Part 2

Episode 106: The Final Fight Part 3


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