Good to Go (soundtrack)

Good to Go is a soundtrack album released on August 1, 1986 in conjunction with the release of the film Good to Go.[4][5] The album features songs by prominent Washington, D.C.-based go-go bands and Jamaican-dancehall artists from the early-80s.

Good to Go
GoodToGo soundtrack.png
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
ReleasedAugust 1, 1986
Professional ratings
Review scores
musicHound R&B(3/5)[2]
Robert ChristgauB+[3]

Track listingEdit

Side A
No.TitleContributing artistLength
1."Good to Go" (James Avery / Tony Fisher / Robert Reed)Trouble Funk3:40
2."Meet Me at the Go-Go" (Darius Moss)Hot, Cold Sweat4:31
3."Still Smokin'" (James Avery / Tony Fisher / Robert Reed)Trouble Funk5:05
4."Make 'em Move (The Wrecking Crew's Theme)" (Afrika Bambaataa / Bernie Worrell / Bill Laswell / Sly and Robbie)Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare4:33
5."E.U. Freeze" (Gregory "Sugar Bear" Elliott)E.U.4:13
6."Keys (The Chemist's Theme)" (Wally Badarou)Wally Badarou2:12
Side B
No.TitleContributing artistLength
1."We Need Money" (Chuck Brown)Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers3:52
2."Status Quo (Little Beats' Theme)" (W. Edward Thompson)Donald Banks2:57
3."Drop the Bomb" (James Avery / Chester Davis / Tony Fisher / Robert Reed)Trouble Funk4:16
4."Riot Zone (Call the Police)" (Ini Kamoze)Ini Kamoze1:24
5."Like It" (Robert Reed / Tony Fisher)Trouble Funk3:55
6."Movin' and Groovin'"Redds & the Boys3:07
7."Good to Go (reprise)"Trouble Funk4:12
Total length:44:50


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