Glauco Onorato

Glauco Onorato (December 7, 1936 – December 31, 2009) was an Italian actor and voice actor.[1]

Glauco Onorato
Glauco Onorato.jpg
Onorato in W Django! (1971)
Born(1936-12-07)December 7, 1936
Turin, Italy
DiedDecember 31, 2009(2009-12-31) (aged 73)
Rome, Italy
OccupationActor, voice actor
Years active1959-2009
Children2, including Riccardo Nissem Onorato
Parent(s)Giovanni Onorato
RelativesMarco Onorato (brother)
Maria Virginia Onorato (sister)

As an actor and dubber popular with audiences throughout Italy, he was renowned for voicing over nearly all of Bud Spencer's roles as Spencer had a thick Naples accent. Onorato had worked consistently from the late 1950s until shortly before his death.


Onorato was born in Turin and was educated at the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts. His father was Giovanni Onorato, also an actor, and his brother was Marco Onorato, who was a cinematographer.

Active in film, theater, and television, Onorato starred in over 31 films and 51 television shows. Among Onorato's most notable roles were as a man haunted by the supernatural in Mario Bava's masterpiece Black Sabbath, a soldier returning from the Russian front in Vittoria De Sica's Sunflower, and as a ruthless gangster in the crime film The Big Racket.[2] He also starred as Leonardo Da Vinci's father Piero Da Vinci in the television miniseries The Life of Leonardo da Vinci. He also made acting performances on stage. On stage, Onorato starred in the 1978 edition of the 1962 musical comedy play Rugantino and made collaborations with many other stage actors and directors such as Enrico Montesano and Ottavia Piccolo. He also starred as Sir John Falstaff in stage adaptation of The Merry Wives of Windsor.

With a deep, booming, yet comical voice, Onorato gained his greatest fame as a voice actor. He had dubbed many foreign language films and television shows in Italian. He provided the Italian voice for actors such as Danny Glover, James Coburn, Anthony Quinn and Charles Bronson as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger in his earlier and iconic films, most notably The Terminator. He may however be best known for dubbing Italian actor Bud Spencer (whose heavy Neapolitan accent was considered unsuitable for his roles) in nearly all of his movies. In Onorato's animated roles, he provided the Italian voices of Captain Gantu in the Lilo & Stitch franchise, Sykes in Oliver & Company, Professor Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective and Carface Caruthers in All Dogs Go to Heaven.[3]

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Onorato had two children: Riccardo Nissem Onorato and Sara Onorato, who are also voice actors.


Onorato died at the San Camillo Hospital in Rome on December 31st 2009 at the age of 73 after battling an undisclosed serious illness for some time.[4]


Onorato in Sunflower (1970).



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