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Ginger Baker at His Best was part of a set of four double albums consisting of selected individual and collective output of the band and that of its three members. The albums were released in 1972.

Ginger Baker at His Best
Ginger Baker at His Best.jpg
Compilation album by
Recorded1969, 1970
ProducerGinger Baker
Ginger Baker chronology
Ginger Baker at His Best

The Cream album was entitled Heavy Cream, and featured illustrations of Eric Clapton, Baker and Jack Bruce. Three additional albums were devoted to each individual band member - Jack Bruce at His Best, Eric Clapton at His Best, and Ginger Baker at His Best. The Baker album is drawn from his first two solo releases, Ginger Baker's Air Force and Ginger Baker's Air Force 2, as well as his work with Blind Faith. Between Baker's and Clapton's albums, the whole of the original Blind Faith album is covered.

Track listingEdit

Side oneEdit

  1. "Let Me Ride" (Roebuck Staples) - 4:22
  2. "Had to Cry Today" (Steve Winwood) - 8:43
  3. "I Don't Want to Go On Without You" (Bert Berns, Jerry Wexler) - 3:56
    • From Ginger Baker's Air Force 2 (1970)

Side twoEdit

  1. "Do What You Like" (Ginger Baker) - 15:21
    • From Blind Faith (1969)

Side threeEdit

  1. "Da Da Man" (Harold McNair) - 7:12
  2. "Sweet Wine" (Ginger Baker, Janet Godfrey) - 3:34
    • From Ginger Baker's Air Force 2 (1970)
  3. "Well All Right" (Norman Petty, Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Joe B. Mauldin) - 4:28
    • From Blind Faith (1969)

Side fourEdit

  1. "Can't Find My Way Home" (Steve Winwood) - 3:13
    • From Blind Faith (1969)
  2. "Aiko Biaye" (Remi Kabaka, Teddy Osei) - 12:58
    • From Ginger Baker's Air Force (1970)