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Ghulam Haidar Khan High School is an all-boys school located in Khair Khana, Kabul, Afghanistan. The school is named after Afghan Prince Ghulam Haidar Khan, son of Emir Dost Mohammad Khan, who fought against the British forces in the July 1839 Battle of Ghazni during the First Anglo-Afghan War. It has about 10,000 students from seven to twelfth grade in four shifts.

Ghulam Haidar Khan High School
Coordinates34°34′46″N 69°08′17″E / 34.5794116°N 69.1379226°E / 34.5794116; 69.1379226
Classes7 to 12
Ghulam Haidar Khan in 1839



The original school name was "Saboor e Shaheed" when the school built until after the Dr. Najeebullah's government 1992.

Displaced families were accommodated in the school in the 1990s.[1]


  • Asadullah Kohistani - Principal
  • Mashooq Khan, chemistry teacher and also the science laborant
  • Ali sina Mustafa, assistant Principal
  • Fazel Rahman Fazel, assistant Principal
  • Khal Mohammad Shejaye assistant Principal
  • Agha Sahib, assistant Principal
  • Dad ul haq Khan, Lecturer - Pashtoo Language
  • Abdul Muneer Rueen (He is also the founder of Teacher Rueen High Educational Center in Khairkhana, Kabul.)
  • Mehraban Saheb, Lecturer - Dari Language
  • Shukoor Khan, Lecturer - Islamic Religion (Olom Deeni)
  • Qadeer Khan, Lecturer - Chemistry
  • Zarghuna Jaan, Lecturer - English Language
  • Sajadullah Safi - newspaper manager

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