Ghizer District (2019–)

The Ghizer District (Urdu: ضلع غیزر‎) is one of the 14 districts of Pakistan-administered territory of Gilgit-Baltistan. The former Ghizer District that existed from 1974 to 2019 spanned the entire upper Gilgit River Valley (also known as the Ghizer River Valley). In 2019, the former district was divided into the Gupis-Yasin District in the west and the present, smaller Ghizer District in the east.[1]

Ghizer District
ضلع غیزر
District of Gilgit-Baltistan
Map of Gilgit–Baltistan showing its 14 districts[a]
Map of Gilgit–Baltistan showing its 14 districts[a]
Sovereign state Pakistan
Administered territory Gilgit-Baltistan
DivisionGilgit Division
Number of tehsils2


Map of the former Ghizer District

The Ghizer District is bounded on the north by the Upper Chitral District of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and the Wakhan District of Afghanistan's Badakhshan Province, on the east by the Hunza District, the Nagar District, and the Gilgit District, on the south by the Tangir District, on the south-west by the Darel District, and on the west by the Gupis-Yasin District.


The present Ghizer District consists of two tehsils:

  • Ishkoman Tehsil
  • Punial Tehsil

The district headquarters is the town of Gahkuch.


  1. ^ On the map, the Ishkoman Tehsil is wrongly shown as part of the Gupis-Yasin District.


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