List of tehsils of Gilgit-Baltistan

In Pakistan, a tehsil is an administrative sub-division of a District. Those are sub-divided into union councils. Here is a list of all the tehsils of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The tehsil map of Gilgit-Baltistan, circa 2008

Baltistan DivisionEdit

Ghanche DistrictEdit

  1. Daghoni Tehsil
  2. Khaplu Tehsil
  3. Mashabrum Tehsil
  4. Chorbut Tehsil

Rondu DistrictEdit

  1. Rondu Tehsil (promoted to district in 2019; previously in Skardu District)

Shigar DistrictEdit

  1. Shigar Tehsil

Skardu DistrictEdit

  1. Gultari Tehsil
  2. Skardu Tehsil
  3. Gamba Tehsil

Kharmang DistrictEdit

Diamer DivisionEdit

Astore DistrictEdit

  1. Astore Tehsil
  2. Shounter Tehsil

Darel DistrictEdit

  1. Darel Tehsil (promoted to district in 2019; previously in Diamir District)

Diamir DistrictEdit

  1. Babusar Tehsil
  2. Chilas Tehsil

Tangir DistrictEdit

  1. Tangir Tehsil (promoted to district in 2019; previously in Diamir District)

Gilgit DivisionEdit

Ghizer DistrictEdit

  1. Punial Tehsil
  2. Ishkoman Tehsil

Gilgit DistrictEdit

  1. Danyor Tehsil
  2. Gilgit Tehsil
  3. Juglot Tehsil

Gupis-Yasin DistrictEdit

(District created in 2019 from three western tehsils of Ghizer)

  1. Gupis Tehsil
  2. Yasin Tehsil
  3. Phander Tehsil

Hunza DistrictEdit

  1. Aliabad Tehsil
  2. Gojal Tehsil

Nagar DistrictEdit

  1. Nagar-I Tehsil
  2. Nagar-II Tehsil