Geulat Yisrael

Geulat Israel (Hebrew: גאולת ישראל‎, Salvation of Israel) was a short-lived Haredi political party in Israel in the early 1990s.

Geulat Yisrael

גאולת ישראל
LeaderEliezer Mizrahi
Founded25 December 1990
Split fromAgudat Yisrael
IdeologyMizrahi ultra-Orthodox interest
Most MKs1 (1990–1992)
Fewest MKs1 (1990–1992)
Election symbol


The party was established on 25 December 1990 when Eliezer Mizrahi broke away from Agudat Yisrael.[1] Despite leaving the party, Mizrahi remained Deputy Minister of Health.

The party participated in the 1992 elections, where it won 12,851 votes (0.5%). However, this was not enough to cross the electoral threshold of 1.5% and Mizrahi lost his seat. The party subsequently disappeared


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