Gertrude of Flanders, Duchess of Lorraine

Gertrude of Flanders (c. 1070–1117), was a Countess of Louvain and Landgravine of Brabant by marriage to Henry III, Count of Leuven, and a Duchess of Lorraine by marriage to Theodoric II, Duke of Lorraine. At the time the duchy was the upper Lorraine, since 959 separated from the duchy of Lower Lorraine.

Gertrude of Flanders
Gertrude of Flanders.png
Landgravine of Brabant
Countess of Louvain
Countess of Brussels
Duchess of Lorraine
Bornc. 1070
SpouseHenry III, Count of Leuven
Theodoric II, Duke of Lorraine
IssueTheodoric of Alsace and more
FatherRobert I, Count of Flanders
MotherGertrude of Saxony


Gertrude was daughter of Robert I, Count of Flanders (c. 1035–1093) and Gertrude of Saxony (c. 1030 – 1113). Robert was son of Baldwin V of Flanders and Adèle, a daughter of King Robert II of France, and Gertrude daughter of the Duke of Saxony. She was sister of Robert II, Count of Flanders (c. 1065 – 1111), "Robert the Crusader".

Leuven and BrabantEdit

Gertrude married firstly Henry III, Count of Leuven (died wounded in a tournament in Tournai in 1095), of the House of Reginar. He was count of Louvain from 1078 to 1095 and landgrave of Brabant from 1085. At Henry's death, his brother Godfrey I succeeded as count and landgrave. From 1106 he also became duke of Lower Lorraine.

They had four children, probably all daughters (born about 1092-1096), assumingly including:


Secondly in 1096 she married Theodoric II, Duke of Lorraine "Thierry" (d. 1115), son of Gérard of Alsace, Count of Metz, Duke of Lorraine (-1070), of the House of Lorraine-Alsace. Thierry was a widower with a son Simon, and a daughter Gertrude. They had the following issue:


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