Simon I, Duke of Lorraine

Simon I (1076 – 13 or 14 January 1139) was the duke of Lorraine from 1115 to his death, the eldest son and successor of Theodoric II and Hedwig of Formbach and a half-brother of Emperor Lothair III.[1]

Simon I, Duke of Lorraine
Simon I, Duke of Lorraine.png
Duke of Lorraine
Reign1115 - 1138
PredecessorTheodoric II, Duke of Lorraine
SuccessorMatthias I, Duke of Lorraine
Died(1139-01-13)13 January 1139
SpouseAdelaide of Leuven
IssueMatthias I, Duke of Lorraine
Agatha of Lorraine
HouseHouse of Metz
FatherTheodoric II, Duke of Lorraine
MotherHedwig of Formbach

Continuing the policy of friendship with the Holy Roman Emperor, he accompanied the Emperor Henry V to the Diet of Worms of 1122, where the Investiture Controversy was resolved.

He had stormy relations with the episcopates of his realm: fighting with Stephen of Bar, bishop of Metz, and Adalberon, archbishop of Trier, both allies of the count of Bar, whose claim to Lorraine against Simon's father had been quashed by Henry V's father Henry IV. Though Adalberon excommunicated him, Pope Innocent II lifted it. He was a friend of Bernard of Clairvaux and he built many abbeys in his duchy, including that of Sturzelbronn in 1135. There was he interred after his original burial in Saint-Dié.

Children of Simon and AdelaideEdit

Simon I of Lorraine married Adelaide,[2] daughter of Henry III of Leuven. Their children were:

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Simon I, Duke of Lorraine
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