George Dekanozishvili

George Gabriel Dekanozishvili (1868, Mahachkala, Dagestan - 19 November 1910, Cannes, France) was a Georgian political and public figure, publicist, one of the founders of the Georgian Socialist-Federalist Revolutionary Party.

George Dekanozishvili
გიორგი დეკანოზიშვილი
Born1868 (1868)
Died19 November 1910(1910-11-19) (aged 41–42)
Political partyGeorgian Socialist-Federalist Revolutionary Party


He graduated from the Tbilisi Real School in 1887 and the St. Petersburg Mining Institute in 1892. In 1890, he founded the Union of Georgian and Armenian Students in St. Petersburg, which soon disbanded. From 1889 to 1892 he was the leader of the Georgian student circle in St. Petersburg and an active figure in the student political movement of the higher education institutions of the Russian Empire. In 1892, with the participation of Dekanozishvili, the political organization of Georgian students of the Russian Empire - the "Liberty League" -[1] was founded in Kutaisi.[2] In 1892-1895 Dekanozishvili worked in Chiatura, as an engineer of Ghoghoberidze Manganese Industrial Company and manager of the field, in 1895-1898 he was a Controller-Inspector of the Nobel Refinery in Baku. In 1899-1900 he was on a business trip to Europe (while in Paris he married a French woman, Anrieta Frenua), and in 1902, on the instructions of Giorgi Zdanovich (Maiashvili), he traveled to Brazil and Cuba to study the local methods of manganese production. Upon his return, in 1905, he produced a monograph on the manganese industry in the mentioned countries in Kutaisi (in Georgian and Russian languages).

Dekanozishvili actively cooperated with the Georgian press at that time. He wrote about the national-political issues of Georgia, manganese production and its importance for Georgia. In 1896-1900 his letters were published in the newspaper Iveria, and in 1900 in Tbilisi the first group of Georgian Social-Federalists led by Dekanozishvili published the newspaper Tsnobis Furtseli. From 1900, Dekanozishvili was a member of the board of the Georgian Literacy Society. In 1901, George Dekanozishvili, together with Archil Jorjadze, Tedo Sakhokia, Kita Abashidze, Andria Dekanozishvili, Giorgi Laskhishvili and others, founded the Georgian Socialist-Federalist Revolutionary Party. Dekanozishvili was elected a member of the Central Committee of the party. In 1901, under his leadership, a periodical of the party was founded in Paris - the newspaper Sakartvelo, which was published together with the French version (La Géorgie) until the end of 1905.[3] In 1904, Dekanozishvili was one of the leaders of the Congress of Socialist-Federalists in Geneva. In 1904 the protocols of this Congress were published in Paris. During the 1905 Russian Revolution, under the leadership of Dekanozishvili, weapons and ammunition were sent to Georgia on the ship "Sirius". From 1906 Dekanozishvili was forced to withdraw from active political activity due to deteriorating health. He died in France. In 1911 his body was secretly transferred to Georgia.


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