Gebel al-Ain

Gebel al-Ain is a plateau in Sudan at the border between the Northern state and North Kurdufan.

Gebel al-Ain
Gebel al Ain.JPG
Highest point
Elevation570 m (1,870 ft)
Coordinates16°35′00″N 29°15′12″E / 16.58333°N 29.25333°E / 16.58333; 29.25333Coordinates: 16°35′00″N 29°15′12″E / 16.58333°N 29.25333°E / 16.58333; 29.25333
RegionNorthern state/Northern Kurdufan

The Gebel al-Ain area is more fertile than the surrounding dry savannah, making it a popular grazing ground for the Kababish-nomads dwelling around it.

Around the Gebel al-Ain many archaeological sites are situated, mostly graveyards of the post-Meroitic and medieval Christian period. The most prominent archaeological sites are a ruined monastery in the west of the mountain - the south-westernmost outpost of the Makurian state known so far[1] - and a settlement of round huts with a surrounding wall close to Bir al-Ain southwest of the main top of the mountain.[2]


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