Gawa Qanqa massacre

On 2 November 2020, allegedly a group of up to 60 gunmen attacked a schoolyard in the village of Gawa Qanqa[3] in the Guliso District of West Welega Zone in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, killing 32-54 people. The state-run Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said the attack had targeted people of the Amhara ethnic group.[4] 200 people were gathered by an armed group for a meeting and then were shot at by the armed group.[5] Soldiers had reportedly left the area hours before the attack. The Oromia Regional Government blamed the Oromo Liberation Army for the attack,[2] who denied responsibility.[citation needed] Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed denounced the attack and promised a thorough investigation.[5] Ethnic violence has increased since he took office.[1]

Part of the Oromo conflict
LocationGawa Qanqa, West Welega Zone, Ethiopia
Coordinates09°11′53″N 34°52′50″E / 9.19806°N 34.88056°E / 9.19806; 34.88056Coordinates: 09°11′53″N 34°52′50″E / 9.19806°N 34.88056°E / 9.19806; 34.88056
Date2 November 2020
Attack type
Perpetrators(Disputed)Ethiopia Ethiopian Government blamed Oromo Liberation Army; OLA denied responsibility

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